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Good eveing forum,

I just finished a flight in the 172 (Steam) and have only been flying it a short while. I never really noticed / paid attention but beside the GPS/NAV button (to the right) is another Button with APR.

Am I correct this is approach mode? If so, I am assuming that this would be for ILS approaches to lock on? In something like the 172 once locked on would it walk you down the flight levels on approach and I would control the throttles etc on the way down?

Thanks in advance.

Section 5 of the KLN 89B (a GPS that isn’t in MSFS) Pilot’s Guide does a good job explaining this.

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So it’s pretty much as I thought. Enter the ILS frequency and switch to vloc get to appropriate altitude to intercept the glide slope and enter approach mode.

Control throttle and flaps and and disengage AP when ready.

Can’t wait to give it a try!

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If you install working title’s garmin mod (in the marketplace), the RNAV approaches work too, and for those you don’t have to input any frequencies or flip the CDI over to the nav radio, but you need to set things up in your flight plan via the proc function.

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Right now I’m using the steam version (G530/430) (not the stock though).

I’ll have to get the hang of it then try some other methods.

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