April 25, 2024 Development Update Blog Discussion

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Feeling a bit of melancholy after hearing this news earlier this week.

(SU15) This will be the last Sim Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) prior to the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 later this year (but not the final Sim Update for MSFS2020 ever — SU_16 is planned for early 2025)

Almost like we are all graduating and on to University. :student:
A mixed feeling of nostalgia for the amazing last 4 years and an eager excitement for the new phase of MSFS. Onward and upward!


We are getting msfs 2024 before GTA6…


Dinosaurs, ha!


There are 31 new products in the MP today (on PC) and 19 of them are from ONE developer (VA Systems)- makes zero sense. How are there not restrictions in place to ensure we aren’t flooded with these types of “add ons” in a single week (these VA Systems “add ons” are clear shovelware)?


Is there something we can sign to request ini not do the local legends, etc? Their treatment of GA is nothing short of shameful and all it does is keep better devs from doing the same plane, or abandoning work already done


Well, which Microsoft partner developer do you think is better in this regard? Carenado? I think MS will need to partner with new devs in this regard.

Carenado would be immensely better, actually. Their planes are awesome, they look good, are easy on the frames, have decent flight models and fly close to books and usually are not riddled with bugs, horrible performance, bad LNAV and overall autopilot implementations (both ini Airbus) and they WORK. Ini’s a300 isn’t even able to follow a VOR and has horrible LNAV. The a310 is a mess too.

So yeah, Carenado would be great!


I don’t have a problem with it since like I said a few weeks ago, the simple add-ons are the quickest to market so that why they show up so much. But they should give users the option to filter these out by filtering out certain developers that you don’t like from the marketplace.

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Another spam update from a bulk provider. But if someone wants to pay 20 bucks for a few more or less automated flight plans…
I can only warn against it, none of these packages are worth a dollar to me at all.

And looking at the growing backlog, we can probably expect even more such spam in the coming weeks.


I don’t have any addons at all, but looking at the many packages offered by VA Systems on the marketplace, I noticed that the majority of the feedback stars were 4s & 5s, so those that purchase their products appear to like them. Might be why they keep adding so many new items.

Hoping for an August release. Will we all be Kiribati citizens again then for one day?

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I thought today’s offering on the marketplace was extremely poor. But then again my wallet rejoices at that fact.

One thing I don’t understand are the routes we are seeing of late, and which seem to almost dominate today’s marketplace update. I really don’t see the point in paying for these routes when you can easily make them for yourself in the game. Unless, of course, I am misunderstanding them. Seems to me a lazy way for a developer to try to make cash. However, each to their own.


Not in Alpha yet. I think the US Holiday period, my estimate, October / November.

Are you required to have purchased a product before reviewing it? Seems logical, but I really don’t know the answer. I ask because the internet is full of shill reviews.

Yes you need to buy it to review it on msfs marketplace

On the subject of whether today’s update was poor: i got a tornado.


Yup. Carenado would be great. As the other dude says, they are miles ahead of ini in terms of GA. Their planes generally look, sound, and fly great for what they are. I can specifically say that several of them I have time in IRL and they compare quite favourably. Contrast that to the ini Mu-2 (for example) and it started in a position of pure fiction, in flight model, systems, engines, and sounds. And not good fiction. I dread the upcoming Skyvan. Honestly there are any of a dozen devs it would be better to partner with for the Local Legend stuff.

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I have no problem with these products being offered per se. My problem is that the large number of separate products spams the Marketplace due to its interface limitations. MS should add the ability to (persistently) hide developers to alleviate this issue.


Well, personally I would like to see more milviz / blackbird sim / shrike sim whatever works, and just flight. But not sure if these devs will be able to create something at that price point.

FYI, there is an existing Wishlist item for this: