Apron Square acting badly

I’m attempting to add a texture over a parking lot at an airport I’m working on.
I was watching this video to remember how to create and place textures.

In it, he suggests you use a square apron. At 8:35" he shows that he can take the side handles on the square apron and resize the square by dragging the side handles, just like you can resize the exclusion rectangles and change its aspect ratio in any direction, basically moving the whole edge towards or away from the center.

The problem is, when I attempt to select a side handle on a square apron, it jumps to a corner instead. And if I press my left mouse button, it stretches or shrinks the apron in one direction only, and very quickly with zero control. And once it’s minimum size, it no longer works.

Did they break the Square apron in the latest release of the SDK? Or am I doing something wrong?

I eventually got around the issue by scaling the size of the square, but I’d much rather be able to drag its handles.


I reported this issue in the third party developer forum back in april. Eric from Asobo said that they were looking into it and explained that it is linked to the sim (exe) and not to the SDK. Let’s hope the issue is solved soon.

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