APU will not start, fuel pump indicator lights not working properly. #pc

#pc, microsoft version, WIN 10

Turn battery on, turn ground power on, turn APU switch to on/start/on. APU doesn’t start, APU generators don’t come on. Left aft fuel pump indicator light does not come on while all others do. Have had this situation for many months. Do not fly 787 often because of past bugs. Definite improvement though since the beginning. I am using the B78XH 3rd party add-on but have this problem whether using this file or not.

With the sim shut down, go to your “Official One Store” folder.
Cut the “Asobo-aircraft-b787-10” folder and paste it somewhere outside of the sim structure so you don’t loose it, like in your documents folder (just in case).
Start the sim. MSFS will build a new 787 folder.
That should fix the issue

Make sure your left center fuel pump is OFF