APU won't start in default 747-8i

Hello, im trying to start up the 747 from cold and dark but for some reason the APU dont want to start. I already followed the checklist in-game and watched some tutorials. Any idea whats going on?

Same problem here. Tried everything, even un-installed and re-installed the aircraft. The APU on the B747 will not start for me, noticed this starting a few weeks back (maybe around early August). Using the CTRL-E keyboard shortcut gets the APU and engines going but trying to execute the steps manually no longer works.

I find that this is not a bug. You need to have fuel loaded in the 4 engines to turn on apu.

Hmmm… Did you notice me mentioning that if I use CTRL-E shortcut, the APU starts? And, to be clear, the aircraft IS fueled.

Just tested. The APU uses fuel from the #2 tank.
You need only fuel in this tank to be able to start the APU.

Battery ON
standby power AUTO


Thank you, did not know this piece of info - Tank 2 needs to have fuel. The other tanks were filled enough but 2 was empty. Filled it with fuel and thing work fine now. Works!

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Each main fuel tank is feeding its engine directly, so all 4 must always be filled.
If you don’t need 100% fuel, it’s the center tank fuel which is optional.

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When moving the APU to start it starts loading, it gets to about 6% start and then it shuts down.
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XBOX Series X
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I believe it started on 3 builds ago. Sorry I cant be specific on this.

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Hi @SmithAlphaTeam,
Assure there is fuel in the #2 tank.

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