Arcachon, let's talk landscape!

Hello, I just made a little flight over the Arcachon basin, super beautiful, the water mask is really great, you can see all the sand banks through the water, even the oyster beds, the rendering is really beautiful! but having climbed several times during my youth, out of the stairs the highest sand dune in Europe, even if it shrinks every year, it looks more like a cliff than a dune lost in the sea, ask Microsoft for a little favoritism, to model the dune! I’m sure you’ll all fly over, the spot is so beautiful, with your little cuckoo clocks :slight_smile: and model the pine forest by the way! With all the Dutch, Germans, English who come on vacation in the moors every year, I’m sure there are plenty of simmers who know this place since their childhood :slight_smile: will agree with me! maybe it will be in the future world update France!
some screen shot

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