Arctic / Antarctic Floating Ice - icebergs

If possible, I would really like to be able to see the floating ice in the arctic and antarctic. At the right angle and lighting you can see it under the water mask so it’s definitely there in the satellite imagery, just needs to be revealed somehow. I think it would make those areas look much more interesting and closer to real life.


icebergs would be great!

I agree :slight_smile:

I agree. Bring 'em on. :slightly_smiling_face:

Icebergs should come under ‘weather’. Obviously!
It’s those crazy folks at Asobo! They give us rampant icing that can pluck an aeroplane from the sky. And yet we can’t have any bona fide, honest to goodness icebergs to admire!

Alright, float 'em on then.

Hi! I’ve modified this topic title to include the word “icebergs” to help prevent duplicate topics.

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Voted for this because in many places in the sim in my eyes if seen progression in waters as allong shores were there are continental coastalline or island coastallines, or lakes and it really brings waters more to life as well as different kind of colours that changes the illusions of depths and lightfall in the sim.
Maybe yet in proggress but for now broken ice floating on water still seems dull and flat, so if there would be floating icebergs with underwater textures i vote a big yes.

There you go:

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