Arctis Pro Wireless issues. Anybody else?

When installing the above to a new PC, there was a firmware update which appears to have bricked the desk mounted transmitter for the Headset. The rotary selection dial now does not work and therefore it isnt possible to re pair the headset. I wonder if anybody else has seen this and if so, how are you working around it?

Steelseries are not exactly top drawer when it comes to customer service and I post here purely because as yet, I can’t get any sense from them.


The new machine is win 11, the old one, still running the older software is Win 10. The desktop transmitter is still inoperative on the old one as well.

Further edit…

Haven’t given up on this, but in the interim have ordered a Corsair HS70 wireless headset to tide me over. As for Steelseries customer service, just read this last edit again.