Are 3rd party developers taking it too far in MSFS?

I noticed 3rd party airports interiors getting more attention than anything else.

I ask myself, do we really need it ? Is this a flight sim or a passenger sim ?

Do we really need this details for a FLIGHT SIM ? Isn’t it better to prioritize performance and good exterior model ?

It was important to me to bring it up and get other people views about it.
It seems that slowly more developers investing a lot in interior details, moving people etc…
Not to mention a single airport becomes at least 4gb.

I would also say to 3rd party developers, please give us the option to at least remove it and use a basic model. And if you cant, please make sure you know how to optimize your work for the best performance possible. Remember, not everyone like to use 30 FPS, especlly with headtracking.


I would say that one reason for having interior models would be if you can see into the terminal building from the ramp.
However, I can also see the other side, how that would be frustrating for someone without a high-end system.


I would agree as well, interiors should be optional.


Ok i agree its fine to make some basic thing of the visible part of the inside, but to make the whole passengers area, lounges, check-in areas…why ?


I think to some, it allows a level of immersion and makes it feel more real and less like an illusion. For the first time, a developer is coming out with an airport close to where I live with modeled interiors, and I’ve been to that airport many, many times in real life. Seeing the interiors modeled has me very, very excited because there is a whole extra level of familiarity that will come with the airport.

I can’t speak for anybody else, but that’s my experience.


Yhh i can get your point. But let me ask you this, you roamed in the virtual terminal once, would you keep roaming it each time you fly in/out of there ? :slight_smile:


I love to see the development, even if I never see it in the sim.

Just because you, I, or someone else doesn’t use it doesn’t mean that others don’t. I wouldn’t expect a developer to release multiple versions of an airport though.

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I agree on that. If people enjoy low performance but super high detail check-in areas and lounges, that’s ok.

The sad truth is that I would have to skip such an addon even if its my favorite airport. Just because I prefer performance over interiors I would never go to or care about. And it really bums me… :frowning:

That’s why all I am asking from 3rd parties dev is to consider doing a light version with no interiors/moving people etc…


I get that developers are upping the cool factor, but I tend to agree that interiors are going overboard. Sure, it makes for a great screenshot of being in the terminal looking out the window and seeing your plane parked at the gate. But if it means sacrificing performance, then I can live without it.


I don’t need it and I won’t pay for it, as simple as that. If an airport is expensive and has such a huge detail INSIDE I simply don’t buy it. It#s the only way developers stop doing it. Streamers are always over the top, that’s how they will get more stuff in the future. Sacrificing performance for more useless detail has already been a problem in P3D but normally there was at least an external manager to remove the stuff. In MSFS that’s barely possible yet.

If the terminals can be seen from the outside I’m fine with low poly models but the high detail is wasted ressources in my opinion. Fine for looking at it once, maybe twice and making money at monitized youtube channels. I’ll never use that stuff though and don’t want it. I repeat myself ^^


This is not an unreasonable request. Developers often have a toggle or option to remove static aircraft at an airport. This is the same thing.


It is not even remotely the same thing in the sim, but I don’t have the time to go into detail. I’ll leave it for an actual developer to explain. Suffice it to say it’s the difference between moving a couch out of your house and moving the second floor out of your house.


If you don’t like it don’t buy it but expectations for modelled interiors are now common place as hardware gets better and more capable. I certainly want modelled interiors.

Its not about the hardware its about the platform… and yes the developer lost me and i guess others.


Not only the aircraft. If you treat the internal modelling similar to external models like static aircraft it can be removed with a batchfile. It only becomes difficult if the things start to move and interact with each other. But in this case I’d say the topic of a flight simulator has been missed. Airport tycoon or whatever the name is would be the right place…


Its about realism and immersion, not the platform. In fact you mentioned performance and size in your initial post so clearly these “hardware” limitations factor into your complaint. Hardware is only getting better over time. And really if you are going to complain about airport interiors I could make the same comments about airliner passenger areas. We dont need them if your only concern is what you see flying an aircraft.

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OK. out of curiosity, to up your immersion and realism level, are you walking inside the terminal from the parking, going through the check-in counter, going through security, strolling at the duty free, walking through the jetway and boarding the plane ? All this using the drone camera while you passing AI people walking around in circles around themselves ?

Its really interesting me and not meant to open an argument…

Update, i also agree with you on the airliners interior, i disabled mine in the Fenix. You know what someone asked on the Fenix discord few days ago ? why they didn’t modeled opening overhead bins and windows blinds…

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“are you walking inside the terminal from the parking, going through the check-in counter, going through security, strolling at the duty free, walking through the jetway and boarding the plane”

Only one when I first visit do I look around an airport interior. But I think some internal modelling is necessary anyway. Take terminal 5 of the inbuilds Heathrow, without a modelled interior it looked terrible at night, it needed detail so that looking through all that glass you see something that looks realistic. And moving passengers, I think static ones are a waste of resources, moving ones at least add some life to an otherwise static environment.

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Spot on. Not needed and only eats performance and storage space. I am the pilot in this sim, I don’t care about the cabin, only the cockpit. if it wasn’t about the ground shadows I wouldn’t even need a fuselage :rofl: Or the baggage compartment. Heck I personally don’t even need the ground handling stuff but I get that it looks good.


Ok, i can understand if to model the visible parts from the apron, it even make sense !
But to model toilets at the duty free ? or check-in counters you would never see from the apron ?