Are cloud bases in new METAR system in AGL or MSL?

Yes, it is mate.

No its not, I don’t understand why the term “haze” suddenly became popular because most cases and photos in these threads do not describe haze, definition:

“Obscuration due to dust or smoke particles in the air, or as a result of surface heating causing turbulence and refraction of light in the layer of air above the surface.”

Your photo clearly doesn’t show solid particles, its caused by moisture so its either fog, mist or a cloud. I’ll go with the latter.


Sure the weather is bugged but this an impressive photo!

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The only thing that’s annoying me about REX is the ocean looks like a fake repetitive texture. It’s not like that when I’m not using REX.

It’s not only the oceans and deserts. Nor can it reasonably represent cross-continental weather systems. Every metar-based engine is limited there.

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I looked at the custom weather settings and noticed the lowest point of cloud altitude is now -1640 instead of 0 before SU7. Could it be that live weather thinks -1640 is 0 and sets the clouds from -1640 instead. Lets say clouds should be at 1640ft height they are set in the sim at 0ft instead?


Is it always that value or does it change with the location? Could you investigate?

I realised the clouds was unrealisticly low in live weather. Never seen them that low then i switched to custom weather and tested the clouds there instead and they look much more real in there when low but not to low. When changing to clear sky in custom weather the cloud layer is set at 0ft but i can set them to -1640.

Yeah I noticed that right when SU7 dropped. They also stated that in the release notes:

“It is now possible to put clouds below sea level (-400m) for regions such the Dead Sea”

Maybe it has something to do with the borked clouds.


We can try it if we find a METAR that say overcast 017. Then it would be overcast right above us. Or if we can find prediction of clouds that are at 1700ft the lowest cloud layer. Can’t test it myself right now though.

The setting says “Ground level” cloud heights are in AGL. Why would clouds need to be under ground level? The dead sea may be under sea level but cloud heigts are not measured in sea level.

Somehow they are mixing things up, but the strange thing is ground clouds are also present at sea level. (near the coast etc.)

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Maybe the dead sea is the thing that caused all of these issues with clouds then? :rofl: But it would not be if they did it correct.

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Probably yes :slightly_smiling_face:

It maybe has something to do with them changing the sea level thing combined with the METAR function. But we don’t know exactly what is going on. Are METAR clouds always 1640 feet too low?

I don’t know. Have not tested it yet. I think it’s meteoblue clouds that are set to low. It was when i tested them i found this thing with -1640. And isn’t it meteoblue they should blend with metar?

CYGV has ovc017 right now. But meteoblue has lower cloud height than that predicted.

To me it seems like it’s the METAR clouds. Here near the airport clouds should start at 400AGL but are in the ground:

This is a bit away from the airport and the cloudbase seems to be above the ground, on the ground is only haze because of the 3100M visibility:


I think it looks like it is the problem. What do you think? I think yours should be a bit higher though? Or mine a bit lower. I don’t know realy. It looks nice with some overcast.

This is over the clouds


Not overcast there but it snowing

I think that will certainly be the cause. And if it should be so, a hotfix should not be so difficult.

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