Are controller profiles stored in the Cloud? New Installation of MSFS required

Hi, I’m unable to move my game to a new SSD, due to an error message. If I do a fresh installation (ms store) are my profile for my Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo retained?

My x56 ones seem to be when I do a fresh install with steam, but thats from the steam cloud I dont know how it works with MS store if you have that version

I would try to move it via the Windows FS2020 APP “Move” command
under Settings, Apps.

Yes they are backed up in the cloud (xbox, pc, probably steam too).
General, Assistance and Controls Options,
as well as your Achievements(hrs flown etc.), Flight Training, Landing Challenges, Reno Air Race and Maverick Activities.

  • Saved flights and BushTrip progress are not saved and will be reset, if your doing a clean install.

Yes, controller settings are stored in the cloud for the MS Store version as well as Steam.

This data will resync.

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Yes that’s what I tried, get a error message, Halo moved over without issue

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Thanks for confirming, I have a lot of Bravo profiles for different aircraft, I would hate to loose them

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Can anyone confirm that this is still the case? I’m going to perform a clean install of windows and MSFS and I want to make sure I don’t lose the 20 different profiles that I have now.

Clean install 3 weeks ago, all profiles returned (thankfully)

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thank you!!