Are MobiFlight extended wasm events for G1000 controls accesible via Simconnect ? Or via FsuipClient C# Dll?

  • I have installed the mobilflight module-events in community folder for G1000 controls.
  • I do have access with success to all events like MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_SOFTKEYS_1 via FSUIPC interface. Nice.
  • BUT, I just can’t figure to fire these events in my custom code via SDK (C#).

Any cole like

sim.MapClientEventToSimEvent(EVENTS.AS1000_MFD_SOFTKEYS_1, “MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_SOFTKEYS_1”);


Does not work.
It does work with “classic” events like AP_MASTER, so code is good but I just can’t reach theses events.

May I state I just do not know anything about wasm, just C# knowledge, I suppose I’m missing something to reach theses events like FSUIPC do, or even maybe it is not possible via C# and Simconnect ?

Also on a side note, I made for test purpose an alternate app working with FsuipClient C# Dll library (so not connected via Simconnect), I did not manage to reach thoses MobiFlight events via code, anyone has an idea ?

Something like
FSUIPCConnection.WriteLVar(“AS1000_MFD_FPL_Push”, 0);

thank you for reaching out. I must admit I have never tried WASM modules yet. Can you tell me a bit more about the mobiflight events module? Is this freeware? What does this module do?

To be sure, I have used custom events from PMDG aircraft before with FSX and Prepar3D and that worked. If they have been defined properly, the event values will not conflict with others. However, FSUIPC runs as an AddOn, which may give it different capabilities than an external C#/C++ app.


Yes of course, it’s fairly popular because for unexplicable reason the documented vars for the G1000 in the sdk documentation does not work, here is the wasm workaround

Have you checken this thread SimConnect + WASM combined project using VS2019