Full G1000 control now with Mobiflight

If you have suffering along with the stock limited functionality and have been waiting impatiently for the Asobo Glass Cockpit updates. Well we have an alternative solution that provides the functionality you need.

MobiFlight Installation [Updated 01-09-2021]
MobiFlight installation / integration is as easy as downloading and install the MobiFlight zip file from https://www.mobiflight.com. As of this writing you need at least ver. 7.10.0
There may be security warnings when you extract the zip due to unsigned drivers. Scan the file yourself before extraction and decide on the best course of action for you.
Here are the steps that you need to do to get access to the new events:
These are the instructions from the Flight Tracker user guide to install Mobiflight and get the module.

  1. Have MSFS 2020 stopped.
  2. Install MobiFlight - Download MobiFlight for MSFS2020, P3D or X-Plane using Arduino.
  3. Run MobiFlight
  4. In the Extras → Settings menu, at the bottom, check “I would like to receive beta version updates”
  5. Click “Help → Check for update”
  6. After update, navigate to the install location for MobiFlight on your machine.
  7. There should now be a “MSFS2020-module” folder, open that folder.
  8. Copy the “mobiflight-event-module” folder to your MSFS community folder.
  9. Relaunch MSFS 2020
  10. Configure Flight-Stream-Deck with newly supported events, courtesy of MobiFlight! They are like the normal SDK events, except the wasm module in the community folder interacts with the gauges/instruments directly when receiving them.

That’s it, integration done!

A little bit of background to help explain the module. Microsoft have changed the way they do new Addons for FS2020 and now use Web Assemblies. This event module integrates into FS2020 itself and extends the events list that are supported via SimConnect, SimConnect is really just a way to communicate between the Sim and external software and hardware. Don’t be at all surprised to find future Asobo extensions to use the same technique.

Other tools I use

FSUIPC7 Pretty much only used to see what events are triggered

VS Code with LUA extensions for LUA editing though you could use Notepad ++ if you like.

New MobiSoft Events.

There are a couple of ways to get the list of new events that relate to to the various Glass Cockpit versions.

One is to gather the info from Mobisoft,com itself.

Another way (This is how I did it) I use the Flight Tracker Structs.cs file which also integrates with MobiFlight. if you go to the Flight Tracker Git Repo, and open the Flight-Tracker-StreamDeck/FlightStreamDeck.Core at main · nguyenquyhy/Flight-Tracker-StreamDeck · GitHub Folder you will find the file that lists all the available flight Tracker events and variables. Look for the Events section then just search for the MOBIFLIGHT events that were added when Flight Tracker added MobiFlight integration.
When there are new releases, I just import the events and variables into a simple spreadsheet and then use filters on the data to find what need.

A thrid option is to use this list: MobiFlight Event Module SimConnect Event IDs - Pastebin.com

Air Manager
There is currently a Beta Version 4 available for download from Sim Innovations. Its free at present I think. https://SimInnovations.com. I have found it to be stable and only a couple of minor issues present.

Updating the overlay yourself.

Once familiar with Air Manager you can go find the XPlane G1000 overlay or other gauge in the online gauge repository in the app.

You will be editing the LUA file for the overlay (logic.lua) This one does not yet support FS2020. The Changes or additions you’ll make are rudimentary. See here - YouTube for a full video series on gauge construction. The main videos ones you might want to look at are for Dials and Buttons.

These examples below use the G1000 Overlay for Xplane as our example.

What you will be adding are new lines for FS2020_Events. Simply open the logic.lua file look inside the various callback functions associated with each Button or Dial to see the existing events. Look for the xpl_command(“Dataref name”) lines…
I replaced or added FS2020_Event(“eventname”) I use the MOBIFLIGHT events because it drives the current G1000 Logic so you can do minimal coding to get things working.

MOBIFLIGHT Events add what you will need to make your FS2020 glass panel work. In some cases you may / will need to craft your own logic too (I did for Target Altitude but it is pretty simple stuff. So lets get down to an example or three:

Swapping Selected Nav Radio to be tuned, Nav1 or 2
function nav_ff()


button_add(nil,“ff_button.png”, 102,107,50,32, nav_ff)

Pressing Softkey 6 (CDI)
function sc_6_click()

button_add(nil,“uparrow_button.png”, 640,852,50,32, sc_6_click)

That’s about as complex as it needs to be to get started. If you already have a Knobster then you can really dial up your control!

Important to note
MOBIFLIGHT is Donate-Ware developed in Germany (I Think) If this helps you along PLEASE help out the community and support further development by sending a few dollars or whatever your local currency is, to help support the product development efforts! Oh and spread word too!!!


I tried to download Mobiflight from the link up above and all that game me was the Mobiflight website and an exe download that does not get you the MSFS2020-module. So I dug around and followed a link from there for fs2020 suport and it took me to the repository for mobiflight and from there I was able to download the zip file and find the MSFS2020-Module folder. Here is a link for where I found that.
At this point click on Download repository and you will get the zip file needed.

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I have updated my installation instructions as I missed some critical steps. your method works also. Sorry forthe confusion!!!

I have uploaded the first version of my G1000 Overlay for Air Manager. You can get the current version here:

There will be updates and functional additions in the coming days.


Great work! Thanks

We’re getting there slow but sure.

That wasm plug in also supports the GNS530/430, GNS3000, and KAP-140


Last Night I finally got the G1000 Autopilot working including FLC (it took some sleuthing) I have some testing to do this evening and will post the updated LOGIC.LUA file when its done.

I’ll have G1000 operational questions for any G1000 realworld experts out there once I get the Autopilot done. :wink:

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This is awesome progress. Thank you. Will keep an eye out for questions!

Thank you, this is perfect! I built a button box a while back and used Mobiflight to run it but stopped using it as I realized that most of the G1000/3000 did not work. I installed this update yesterday and am happy to say that I have dusted off the button box and it now has the functionality that I was looking for (especially the map range encoder!). Thank you.

I downloaded the mobiflight exe file via your instructions but the file seems to run the mobiflight connector rather than install so i am stuck when i get the the part where you say “Navigate to the installation location”.

Can you help please?

Don’t worry. I got it working via the other method described by brlowe1965.

Which Event did you use for FLC? I can’t find any events for the buttons on the left side of the G1000 PFD, the AP – to FLC buttons.

Voss, if you look at his code he is doing a couple of things for FLC changes. But the main events are not using mobiflight but going direct to Simconnect I think and they are FLIGHT_LEVEL_CHANGE_ON and FLIGHT_LEVEL_CHANGE_OFF along with AP_SPD_VAR_SET. He has done some great work in there getting the G1000 working in Air Manager. I’m still looking at his code to see how he did things just so I know for future projects.

So now, how do you get the GPS to sit in the overlay…my overlay keeps hiding the GPS pop out window whenever I interact with it…working the GNS530 by the way.

You need to make sure your panel is transparent where the gps screen sits

Awesome work! I just started trying to learn to create these panels in air manager and I still don’t understand it quite yet lol

Yeah, working with a clone of the GNS530 overlay, haven’t figured that part out yet.

Check youtube tutorials by Russ Barlow on bezels and advanced panels for how to integrate bezels into panels.

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Progress: I now have both the PFD and MFD nearly fully operational!

  • All the Softkeys for each panel work
  • Nav and Com radios
  • AutoPilot including Flight Level Change (except VNV)
  • PFD and MFD FMS
  • Range Zoom (No Pan)

In this pic both the PFD and MFD are functioning but there is still plenty of testing to be done. Both overlays are on a transparent panel shown on a 1920X1080 Touch Screen and Knobster (shown lower right) I expect to have a new logic.lua file uploaded this coming weekend. I will have an example panel with for the g1000 popout cutouts available over the next weekend.