SimConnect and GPS Event IDs

Here is a dump of all the LVARs I’m getting through Spad, for anyone who is curious.
a320 LVARs -

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Are you able to produce a Summary in PDF format? If you click on the device that you have programmed for your EFIS, in the top right you will see a button labelled Device Settings. Click on that and choose Summary


Sure, kind of new to spad, didn’t know that was a thing , I’ll export it tomorrow night and post.

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I don’t think I can do this actually…i got a warning about not being able to do it since I don’t have the “complete” edition of Spad. (didn’t know there was one lol)

Oh, OK. Can I then ask you if you can post your profile? You will probably need to change the xml extension to txt. Profiles are found in your Spad.Next | Profiles folder. This is usually located in your Documents folder or your installation folder in Program Files (x86).

In that folder just copy the profile of your A320 to somewhere else and rename the extension before posting.

I have Created a MOBIFLIGHT How-To Guide HERE:

You can use it for hardware and for software solutions such as Air Manager with Knobster and withFlight Tracker on the Stream Deck and Stream Deck XL (Both are my current weapons of choice)

If all you need is module support you do NOT have to install or run MOBIFLIGHT you just need the WASM Module. All is explained in the guide, if there are still questions, ask away.

I cleaned up my G1000 overlay last night and posted the Air Manager Panel import to my Google drive here
It is based on Russ Barlows excellent earlier work for Xplane. Its a WIP, today I’ll begin adding the MFD functionality.


Sweet. I’ll read it with interest.

As a FSUIPC7 user I would like to know the answer to this one too. I’d rather not have to switch to Spad and start the learning all over again. Great work Mobi either way.

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To assign the MobiFlight events using FSUIPC, you can add the MobiFlight events to FSUIPC by using an event file (*.evt). I have provided an example in this post:



You are a star sir. Thankyou.

Can you do the same with the wasm (make een event-file with the ID’s?
You can call the Mobiflight with [Events]
3=MobiFlight.AS1000_PFD_VOL_2_DEC etc…

How to call the ID’s ?

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I’ve found that one, but after copying the spadnext wasm in the community folder, how do I call them in the evt. files of FSUIPC

for instance:

Is there a list of the key strings used anywhere? If so, try it.
I don’t have access to the WASM module at the moment…


Found this (mentioned in an article above)

That’s for the local variables (lvars) that also provides access to. Its the custom event strings they use that are needed to access via FSUIPC.

The lvars are also interesting though, but I’ve no idea how to access those at the moment. This is something I’ll be looking into.

How did you get it to work and have access to the LVAR’s?
I’ve the A320 loaded, bt I don’t see the LVAR’s. Is it possible to add events to the LVAR’s

This is a known bug which occurs when you assign an external switch that stays on until physically switched off . Using FSUIPC7 overcomes this. If you assign switches directly in msfs make sure they are momentary type switches. It is actually a useful bug once you know. I have a non-momentary switch assigned in msfs which i flick when i want larger increments for alt select, speed select or heading bug.

Thanks…strange bug…

If you figure this out let us know, I was trying to do the same!

I will release a MobiFlight WASM Update soon where one can add eventIDs to a text file. This will allow us to grow the list of supported Events more easily.