G1000 events doesn't work

I have problem with all g1000 events. None of them work for me. I have no problems with other events like AUTOPILOT_ON, COM_RADIO_FRACT_INC etc. But all events for G1000 like G1000_PFD_MENU_BUTTON, G1000_PFD_SOFTKEY1 does not work with cessna 172 skyhawk.

Do i have to pass any value? I tried 0,1,2,10,100. I don’t have any g1000 mod.

Are you using the G1000 mod from Working Title?
Is the 172 you flying modded?
How are you trying to pass events? Mobiflight ect?

I’m booting FS2020 up right now to see how it’s working for the first time since the update this week so i’ll know more in a minute.

I had G1000 mod from Working Title but i remove it.
Is the 172 you flying modded? : nope
I’m using this lib for Go lang. github.com/micmonay/simconnect
Its more like wrapper for simconnect.dll

The latest update brought in some features but not many.
You should get Mobiflight. That bridges the gap and brings in all the original commands. See this thread here: Full G1000 control now with Mobiflight

Then you’ll use the command “MobiFlight.AS1000_PFD_SOFTKEYS_1” to trigger the event.

I love the working title G1000. It’s a fantastic improvement to the stock G1000!

Thx! I’ll check it.
But it is a little sad that simconnect is not complete solution developed by MSFS team.

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