This stopped the stutters and popping sound for me!

Not very long. It’s all off the shelf stuff, so not a whole lot of work or time into it. It’s mostly an investment of money to acquire the stuff needed. Air manager is a great tool, as I’m not limited to a single plane type. I can do steam gauge GA, glass cockpits, or airliners if I want. As long as the instruments are available in Air Manager, of if I want to be arsed to build my own (not so much lol).

I am planning on eventually building a more permanent cockpit setup away from my normal computer desk. That’s where the real work is going to be. Although now I have all the other hardware I need, so that shouldn’t be a big deal. Just need to build up the dash board, glare shield, and get a nice, large TV in front of it.

But for now, this is movable and it’ll do. And it works fantastic. When the sim cooperates, of course.

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Almost looks like my setup. Did you use 3M tape for your Xbox controller too? I like the two monitor setup with Air Manager; I was thinking about doing something like that as well! Very nice setup, Captain!


I like yours as well!

And I attached my XBOX controller to my yoke using adhesive velcro. That way I can easily remove it to use it for other purposes and just reattach it.

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Thank you! That is quite a compliment coming from you, Sir! Does Air Manager use SimConnect or FSUIPC?

Plus the general performance issue, for example for me I used to get 40+, in the same location I would be super happy if I just get 30 (most times like 25). Plus the unbearable stutters.
Honestly these issues are keeping me away from the sim, today I was flying in XP and it was really hurting my eyes lol.
I really don’t care about the new world update as much I just want this thing to be fixed

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It uses its own bridge program it installs on Windows as a service. In order to get the Garmin functions, it also need Mobiflight (another interface like FSUIPC) installed.

Anyway, I think we’re getting WAY off topic here. If anyone is interested in this kind of setup, I would recommend following along in this thread.

My bad! I will look at that thread for suggestions.

Ok CM…I would assume u use the Xbox controller for the drone?
Great idea having it attached to the Alpha yoke…
I use Sim Plugins for instruments…however Air Manager appears to offer more ? Will have to have another look at Air M.

Until the VR update in December, I was a solid 40+ fps at Ultra everything. I would dip into the high 20s / low 30s over stupid busy areas like LAX, JFK, etc. The usual hot spots.

After the VR update, I had to lower my settings in order to maintain 40 fps. I was using a mix of high and medium, as well as a couple of Ultra (clouds and windshield effects). While it mostly ran great everywhere, my lows in the aforementioned hot spots were lower, in the low to mid 20s.

The UK update kind of kicked me in the teeth. With the same settings, I was only able to maintain 30-35 at best of times. That was the one that really did me in.

SU3 really messed things up even further, throwing me down to single digits at times.

Now I decided to wipe my computer, reinstall Windows, etc… I’m getting mid-high 20s at best now, but I have to deal with the stutters and pauses that many others are experiencing. Not unplayable, but still a huge step backwards compared to my old performance pre-UK. And especially pre VR update.

The irony is that I can’t even use the VR update. It runs like ■■■ on my end. I used it once. I have pretty good VR legs (had a Vive for about 4 years now). MSFS made me nauseous like no other VR experience ever has. I almost threw up, and I had a headache for several hours afterwards.

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I use it for free-look in cockpit view, as well as drone control. I also use it for ATC commands and a few other things. It’s been super helpful. I’d honestly be lost without it now, it’s been that instrumental in my overall experience.

Air Manager does pretty much anything and everything. Pair it up with a Knobster (either bought or DIY - I have the latter), and it’s basically the ultimate cockpit control tool as far as I’m concerned.

Wow, that is unbelievable!!!

I saw this with the VFR map, but oddly only when I resized it upwards by its top border, and not the bottom right corner.

Hmm. That’s strange. I don’t typically manually resize them. I use Fancy Zones, part of Microsoft’s Power Toys for Windows 10. It lets me map areas on my screen where I can move windows into and it resizes them to fit. I just drag my MSFS instruments while holding SHIFT and drop them on the spots and they size automatically to fit my Air Manager bezels. So I would never have experienced what you did. lol

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Worked for me! I saw a 10-30 fps improvement (depending on location)

Whats your PC specs?

It worked in such as it gave me 11.5fps instead of the 10fps after SU3 & very hard to tell but maybe a little less stuttering.

This isn’t a fix for people hit by the Sim Update 3 issues. But perhaps might slightly help in the long run.

I also saw a boost by updating NVidia drivers. maybe that could help you

I have an

2080 (OC)
16GB DDR4@3000


Any notion as to what coding would lead to the massive FPS degradation in SU3? For me, the FPS degradation occurs without warning in a variety of different locations/flight parameters and lasts from 10 secs to 90 seconds. The random hits occur from one to three times in a flight of 1.5 hrs. All of my flights are in the TBM 930 with the G3000 mod. I have no other files in my community folder. I’m running an i9 OC at 5.3Ghz (stable), 128GB DDR4 RAM at 3200Mhz, 3090 RTX, and a 2TB SSD with no other programs on it except MSFS 2020 (brand new computer). My settings are medium/high except for ultra clouds which I’ve lowered to high and medium and experienced the same impacts to performance. Terrain LOD is 100. No clue.

I see a bit of an improvement on stutters with this fix. But Nvidia’s latest update could also be the difference. I use a large 65” monitor for 2D, but now mostly VR.