This stopped the stutters and popping sound for me!

Hi Guys,

Saw this on AVSIM and it worked for me. If you have stutters or popping give it a try. Might not work for everyone.


Did this fix stutters for anyone else? I won’t be able to try it for a few hours.

It works to smooth out stutters. But…

If you pop out instruments (like MFD / PFD) or panels (ATC, VFR map), it will cause your frame rates to tank hardcore. Especially the second setting to let the application override scaling. If you resize the external windows, prepare for single digit frame rates.


This makes absolutely no difference.
This “game” is poorly coded and needs to be fixed at the core.


If people are just suffering from some stutters, this actually does make a difference. However, if you’re also suffering from overall much lower frame rates after either the UK or SU3 updates, it’s not going to do anything except slightly smooth out the low frame rates. Also see my post above yours. If you pop out panels or instruments, this “fix” will actually makes things way worse.

And I totally agree. The game is broken and very poorly optimized. Unfortunately, we’re not really likely to see any improvement until the DX12 rollout late summer. Their efforts are currently on optimizing for DX12 and XBOX, not for the current DX11 version.


that would explain why even really strong systems go down. like mine. and that’s saying something.


Tried this method and my FPS still plummet as before.


I have this enabled on my “exe” since release, and it will not fix anything, it’s a bug in the code, and no computer trix will help, only Asobo can fix this.


Didn’t work for me but I think that is down to the last update and nothing else as before I had it flying nice and smooth.
Weird thing now when the sim is running well I see higher fps than ever before but then seems to just start randomly stuttering’s and cuts fps in half for a while before recovering but then sometimes never gets better again.

Sorry for my ignorance but what does this mean?

On planes with glass cockpits (like G1000), you can hold the right ALT key and click on the displays. They will be “popped out” of the sim and you can move them to a secondary display. This is heavily used by folks with home cockpits.

Same with your panels like the ATC window or VFR map. If you click the “expand” icon (middle one) in the title bar, it will undock the window from the sim’s main window so you can move it to a secondary monitor.

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absolutely no difference here…
This has to be patched and fixed by Asobo.

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Here’s an example. I run a pair of 15" touch screens with a program called Air Manager. The G1000 bezels (buttons and knobs) are part of Air Manager and are all touch controlled. The “screen” part of the G1000 is the MSFS screens popped out and placed into these external monitor to run the G1000 displays.


Thank you for explaining that. Quite a setup you have! Hopefully these performance issues will be worked out so you can enjoy it :wink:

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Agreed, the specific geographic lines that tank your FPS are still present after this mod. Maybe I’ll notice some other benefits once this issue is ironed out.

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There’s more than 1 problem with performance in the sim currently. I originally thought there were 2, but now I see there are 3.

  1. Geographic areas that cause massive drops in fps for no apparent reason. Some of these areas can be in the middle of nowhere. It would seem this is almost universal across everyone, as in other threads you’ll see reports of people who seem to have no performance issues seeing this issue as well.

  2. Another issue that causes consistent ridiculously low frame rates - sometimes in the single digits - even for people with top tier hardware that normally get 40+ fps prior to the SU3 patch. People who have this generally saw a performance decrease with the UK update, and another with SU3 that tanked their frame rates. No switching of graphics settings seems to make a difference for these people. They seem to be a rather small subset of people having performance issues after the SU3 patch, but are the worst affected.

  3. Another issue where users are only minimally affected by their total fps, but get a series of stutters and pauses while flying. Many people are reporting this one.

The “fix” in that video only seems to make a difference for #3. It has no effect on the other 2 issues.


I like your setup @Crunchmeister71 Very Nice!!

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Hi. Awesome cockpit! Would you mind telling me what software you have running on the bottom left screen (iPad?). Thanks

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I’m running the iPad as another monitor for my PC using SpaceDesk. The stuff on the monitor is more Air Manager widgets and controls.


How long did it take you to build your setup?