Are MSFS 2020 Updates to the A320 applied to the A32NX Mod?

Noob type question.

When Microsoft release an update to the SIM (as I was just prompted to install today) that has a number of listed improvements to the A320, if we are using the A32NX mod do we get those updates? Or do you have to go back to the standard in-game A320?

Yes, those updates are for the default A320 which the FBW mod modifies. However, these changes will likely break the mod and may cause instabilities. I highly recommend you remove the mod until the mod developers release an update.

So every time MS update something on the standard A320 I should revert to that?

Either revert to the default A320 or fly another aircraft until Flyby Wire release an update for their mod.

Many thanks.

I think that is the fastest reply to a question I have ever received on any forum anywhere. :+1:

The update yesterday was just an AIRAC update, so nothing should have changed regarding either the stock A320 or the A32NX. The update “info” detailing what had been changed had not been altered from the last update (the detail was the same)

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I will add a bit too.
Here is a link to a post which attempts to explain the mod.
Hope this helps.

A new stable version has just been released. I would recommend you start with that

Usually the Development version of the NX mod keeps up to date with the fixes that come from the Asobo patches. And I’ve been using the dev version with custom FBW version which overrides a lot more of the default A320, especially the autopilot systems and dynamics.

So usually, when Asobo patch comes in, I just need to grab the latest dev with custom FBW version, and it still works just as well as before (maybe even better) usually within half a day of the Asobo patch that comes in, but then again sometimes I don’t even need to wait. But the stable version of the NX needs a lot more time to make it compatible since it gets updated a lot less frequently, which makes the mod gets outdated very quickly. Building the compatibility for the stable version could take a day or two or sometimes even more.

So I always recommend the dev with custom FBW version of the mod, and keep it updated at least every day or just before you start the sim to always get the best and the latest feature they offer. But for those who prefer to stay in the stable version. I would recommend to use the dev with custom FBW version for a while just to get yourself back up in the air. And once they released a new stable version that’s compatible with the latest patch, you can delete it and downgrade your mod to that stable version again.

Slightly confused about all the options / terminology.

Am I correct in saying there are 3 versions of A320 able to be used in MSFS2020?

  • Standard A320 as supplied in the Sim by MS/Asobo
  • A32NX Mod - Stable
  • A32NX Mod - Developer

Where does FBW “Fly By Wire” come into it?

Fly By Wire is the name of the team fixing the A320. No surprise, the name comes from the system used to control the A320.

It should be noted that FBW is also developing it’s own, more accurate fly by wire system that has already been released for testing (it is still in it’s very early stages, but flies really nicely). Along with that, they are tirelessly working to create custom autopilot. I think this plane will be a completely different aircraft in a year’s time, maybe sooner as they come out with updates almost daily.

As far as whenever the A320 is updated by Asobo, they are usually able to create a fix for it by day’s end. A stable version usually follows a week or so later.

There are 4 versions, actually:

  • Standard A320 as supplied in the Sim by MS/Asobo
  • A32NX Mod - Stable
  • A32NX Mod - Developer
  • A32NX Mod - Developer with Custom FBW

The fourth one, you can’t use the A32NX Installed to install. You have to manually download it from their github page.

Just join the FBW discord and get the installer for the mod :slight_smile:

In response to the original question, “Are MSFS 202 updates to the A320 applied to the A32NX Mod,” it depends. Some of the updates are hardcoded into MSFS (like ground effect) and will be applied to the A32NX Mod unless we determine we do not want that particular “solution” and have a way to back it out. Updates that are applied to the various cfg, js, and other assorted files maintained within the various A320 simobjects folders – that also depends. It depends on whether it is a file that has been “forked” over to the A32NX Mod or is a file that is still used as is because the A32NX changes are applied on the top of the MSFS A320. If the file has not been forked over such that a separate version exists within the A32NX Mod structure, then it will be effective in the mod as well. If the file exists independently in the mod, then t depends on someone finding what changed, determining that it is a good change, and then proposing the same change for the A32NX mod. It then goes through the QA process just like any other change.

Hope that makes sense.

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Any ideas why if I’m using the A32NX FBW latest stable mod I don’t get the same things displaying as “320 Sim Pilot” on Youtube?
eg. He has the Baro dial labelled “IN HG / HPA” whilst mine appears with no labelling, only the “PULL STD” on the button itself.

While I haven’t looked at that particular feature, I suspect it is because he is using the latest dev mod, which has later changes than the stable version.

He’s always on the Development with Custom FBW version. It’s updated daily, and so much better than the stable version.

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