Are the Cloud Colors right?

Hi Guys,

I aasked me today at a short flight in the MSfs 2020. Are the cloud colors right implemented? I mean when the clouds have a lot of water in they they are in reallife greyer as the clouds with lesser water in they.



They seem too-blue for me too. I’ve tried to change my color settings and reduce saturation- that helped a bit, but still…Clouds should be whiter and greyer with less blue methinks.

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They look good overall now that the pixellation is gone, but I also find them a little more bluish than they should be. I don’t think there’s much we can do on our end with colour profiles or monitor settings to change that.

I think the clouds 95% of the time look GREAT.

The only thing I’ve noticed that’s a little odd that’s not seen often in nature, is if it’s overcast and raining, towards end of day/sunset, the sky and clouds are golden, not the dismal gray they should be

Anything under Ultra on clouds look silly to me from a distance…very cotton like
This is from my perspective in VR though…maybe they actually look better in 2D.

I am not sure if you are saying that they are too grey or not, but there is a Wishlist topic for clouds to be not as grey as they are right now.

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