Please change clouds to be less grey

Hi there ,
Please change the style of Cumulus Clouds . I mean the big ones.

  1. Please make the Color a little bit whiter. This grey is totally Arcade Style and unrealistic.
  2. The Edges of this style of Clouds are too sharp. The edges of the Clouds should have a softer transition to the Sky.

Maybe it can be solved in one of the future Updates.

A first step where to change the grey color to a little bit more white.


Hey there. Could you kindly share a screenshot of the gray unrealistic clouds you’re talking about?

Good Morning ,

I find that the big Cumulus / Thunderstorm Clouds at the Moment in the Sim looks a little bit like an Vulcanic Erruption , here you Photos von real Vulcanic Clouds .

This is as it looks like at the Moment in Sim :

But i think realistic Cumulus Clouds are much more whiter and not so sharp ended on the Edges.

This are original Cumulus / Thunderstorm Clouds :

I hope you understand what i mean .



Good Morning ,

No answer Now ? Or you already working on better Cumulus Clouds ? :slight_smile:

Hello, I don’t know if that was addressed to me or the developers.
If it was to me, please understand that the forum moderators are not employees of Microsoft nor Asobo. The moderators have no control over the direction of the game nor prioritization of the backlog.
The reason I replied before is because sometimes, it can be difficult to read someone’s post and understand what they are looking for. Now that you posted a screenshot, it’s easier to tell that this probably refers to the shadows the clouds cast on themselves, which will be helpful to any developers who read this topic.

But can you understand what i mean?
What do you think about that ?


Before the release,i have mentioned this vocano clould,but they didnt do anything.


Yes, with the additonal clarity provided, I can now understand your topic better.

Well, if only they were just grey.
But they use a yellow/brown tint, which is one of the main reasons they look like ash clouds.

Here is a typical spot, showing the coloring of your screenshot measured in photoshop, so no one can say ‘it’s your monitor’:


I’m really enjoying the weather in MSFS compared to X-plane and P3D, but I can’t ignore how unrealistic a lot of the clouds look. They’re so grey, with a lot of blue tint to them as well. I’ve tried making adjustments in my color settings, but there’s only so much I can do.

We’ve seen comparison shots before, but I’d like to get this noticed a little more. I hope Asobo can whiten things up a bit to make them look more-realistic.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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Sorry, I don’t have problems with live weather.
Sure, I know that it has flaws from time to time but… If I want real real real real live weather, I drive to my local airport and rent a 172 or a Robin DR.
It comes with a price per hour but omg… the weather is real…

Hehe, that is one way.

I’ve seen a few posts about wanting “white” clouds but I don’t quite get it. I do have white clouds, and I have greyer clouds if they have more moisture or are more likely to produce rain. Just like the ones I see outside my window right now.

I don’t know if there is an issue with the OPs settings or system or whether they are not really knowing what “realistic” clouds like like because literally none of them have (I may have missed a post I suppose) ever posted a screen shot with a dump of the local weather data to make any determination.

The grey is perfect. The problem for me is that the clouds are too grey, even on the sunny side of them. Seriously, just google some in-flight pics of clouds, or go to youtube and compare what you see with what’s in the sim. I fly in the RW a lot too- clouds in reality are much whiter, especially the higher you fly.

But, apparently nobody seems to be bothered but me, so my guess is this post isn’t going anywhere anyway.

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Hi, whenever I watch live flights, especially on you tube I notice that the clouds are fluffy and white - not the case in the simulation, they are always grey and gloomy. Can Microsoft, maybe, change the cloud colour to a more realistic one? Just a comment, I am not complaining, it is something which I wish to see better.

Nice evening everyone and enjoy.

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Yep! That is a nice idea, but i think they have to fix the pixelation before change color.

The clouds do seem underexposed. It’s been requested before with suggestions on how to improve it:

Hi thanks - the video nails the problem, true. I hope they will someday improve it - then we are on the other side, only they know the hard work . . . it’s very easy to grumble when you are not doing anything about it.

If only there was a universal option to control brightness!


You might want to review this suggestion, it is in the VR bugs forum but actually concerns both 2D and VR:
Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls in VR

This one is specific to VR though:
Implement a metering system better suited for VR - Bugs & Issues / Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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agree with this 100% !
it indeed looks like a volcano erruption at times haha