Are the Devs even aware of the multiple SU5 specific VR issues?

I would like to stress my three big VR pet peeves:

Mouse lag: sometimes so bad on my system that it takes 15 seconds flip a switch.
Extra large nametags and POI markers and labels: I have actually flown through a POI lollipop with room to spare.
Anti Aliasing in the menus: it doesn’t interfere with gameplay. It’s just bothersome.

I actually like the new cockpit controls interface even though it took some getting used to. I see it as a step toward VR controller input.

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I would like to add;

VR stutter during rapid head movements (can continue for a second after movement stops)

Sharpening no longer appears to apply to VR (using Nvidia or MSFS config file VR post processing options)

Thanks for creating the thread and for the links :slight_smile:

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Nothing on the announcement today, i just hope that some of the issues are being dealt with that are more specific to us (anti Aliasing for one) and they just didn’t mention it.

Fingers crossed, but i fear we may be forgotten until later in the year.

I’m playing in my 2D monitor and TrackIR only, I have a 3080 and the performance in VR is atrocious, I’m mentally considering that MSF2020 is not a VR game until the present days.

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I’m optimistic that the LOD popup/stutter issue they are planning to fix in WU6 is related to the stuttering we are seeing when moving our head around. That would be two very welcome fixes indeed.

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Vr was promised its own dedicated team on the dev video promoting su5 and its performance upgrade.
We all know the issues around vr and we can only hope that it does infact get its own dedicated team sooner rather than later to iron out its problems.

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It’s tough getting heard amid all the comments and threads on other sections of the forums, but a squeaky wheel gets attention. Try popping some comments on the announcement thread and the general discussion so that say, lack of AA in VR atm is notices by the devs.

on avsim, someone kindly pointed out that setting x16 anisotropic filtering in the GPU driver panel is a solution to sharpen the blurred distant textures, as it appears asobo have disabled it in su5 . I’ve been flying with it for a few hours and things look good in VR, and not much of a performance hit so far

For what it’s worth, here is a list of my posts about the announced hotfix 2 fixes where I’m trying to highlight specific issues which might be pertaining to VR but also 2D:

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Hope this helps!


You might want to see this topic of mine which is directly related then:

Some tests on Texture Resolution and Quality - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I’ve just finished testing NVidia Aniso 16x + FS2020 off, and NVidia Aniso Let App Decide + FS2020 16x

Results: the same.

Actually it is a little more complex in FS2020:

  • Anisotropic is like any other anisotropic filtering, basically using ddx/ddy to compensate for the non-linear along Z axis sampling.

  • Texture Super Sampling is only for the ground decals (the painted lines yellow, white, red etc… and the fuselage I believe too).

You can get nearly same visuals when siting on the ground with Aniso 4X + Tex.SS 4x4 vs Aniso 16x + Tex.SS 0x0 in practice, but the rendering cost is not the same, because Aniso is hard-wired in the GPU silicon, but Text.SS is FS2020 shader code.

As a matter of fact, prior SU5, I used to reducing stuttering at airports in VR a lot, with Tex.SS 0x0, and I still do with SU5 (but to a lesser extent now), especially on these airports with tons of ground decals.

Of course the more, the merrier. If your GPU supports 16x + 8x8, then go for it!

I’ve just finished testing NVidia Aniso 16x + FS2020 off, and NVidia Aniso Let App Decide + FS2020 16x

Results: the same.

Unfortunately, not for me. I’ve checked the cfg file’s VR section XX values, and tested with off and 16 (nvidia set to use application) and they are always blurred in the distance. It’s been like this since the update for me

Is there somewhere else I should be checking? can I ask what values you are seeing at XX to see the equivalent of x16 in NVCP? MA 16 and Q 3 are what shows if I set it to 16 in game.

Version 1.1.0
Preset Custom
MaxAnisotropy XX
Quality XX

So far nvidia panel is the only thing that’s making a visual difference for me

Cheers :slight_smile:

P.S - apologies for hijacking the thread

I’ve been testing these in 2D this morning but I’ll try later in VR. However in-game Aniso 16x seemed to be working as expected to me in VR so far.

Someone wrote on Youtube: After the Sim Update 5, the MSFS lost its magic. There is no better way to express it …

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My experience with MSFS after SU5 (Intel I9-10900, NVidia 3080; 32 GB RAM; nvme SSD; Reverb G2) has been very similar to what has been reported on many threads on this forum–the game seems to run more smoothly, but at the expense of overall visual quality: clouds are terrible; textures pop in and out; textual clarity is reduced significantly; occasional blackouts; and crashes to desktop (something I never experience before).

Before the update, I could almost “feel” the hardware struggling to perform at the level the software seemed to promise; now the sim seemingly performs better, but at a much reduced level.

Since MSFS after SU5 has now been “Optimized for XBOX Series XJS” according to the Microsoft Score, the question I have is how to the specifications of the XBOX compare to a high-end PC? What is the fastest speed of the XBOX processor; how many cores does it have; how much cache? And what are the specs of the graphics card and associated drivers? How fast is the processor; how much memory does it have? How does it compare with high performance PC Video Cards like the NVidia 3080 and the 3090?

Someone on the forum said that with SU5, “medium is the new Ultra”–can someone please answer the question–Has MSFS been “dumbed-down” so that it performs smoothly on the XBOX? And if so, is there any hope that on a high-end PC the sim will again be allowed to perform at least at the level it did prior to SU5 and, even better, optimized to perform at the level promised when it was first released?

Nah, the devs just made some boo boos with the update as usual. The sim hasn’t been dumbed down for Xbox. Well it has, but the PC version will be back to what it was with some more tweaks. Best of all Asobo now has the time and a new team to work on improving VR.

See Pie in the Sky’s latest video linked to below…


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It’s obvious to those experiencing what you describe. Not so obvious to those lucky enough to have a combo of hardware and software that isnt having those issues. A lot of people are having a crummy time w the sim but there are also a lot of people, I’m one, who aren’t. My FPS, smoothness and clarity are the best they’ve been. I’m not seeing the notably smaller pop-in radius or the re-pops that others see (and I’ve seen the video; I know what to look for). Long story short, don’t assume bugs are obvious to anyone who just looks. File the bug report and/or up-vote the forum wishlist topics pertaining to those bugs.

Great post, here’s to hoping the Devs acknowledge the issues as this is such a regression for VR users. MSFS eye candy means nothing if all the in game menus and maps are akin to windows 3.1 resolution viewing.


If only it was just the game menus… it also means nothing it you can’t even fly the aircraft they are selling:

The marketplace desperatly needs quality control ASAP - #149 by CptLucky8


I’m finding a new issue with Oculus and Flightsim. I have a feeling its oculus more than flightsim. as of Version 31, oculus has switched over to openxr and deprecating their proprietary API. now I’m finding either Oculus, and or Flightsim isnt seeing my settings in oculus tray tool.
I normally run with ASW off, and supersampling at 1.4 which should put me over 2100 Px for resolution, but flightsim only sees the default 1776px resolution. I’ve restarted the oculus service, saved new settings in Oculus tray tool, it looks like it doesn’t do much anymore.
I really dont want to switch over to steam VR, or add any software that I really dont need, but is there a new direction I should be pointing here?

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