Are there any multiplayer servers for Xbox? (SU15 Beta)

Hi all,

I play the sim on Xbox Series S, and because it cannot handle live traffic, the skies are like a desert. Recently I’ve noticed there’s basically 0 other players in the sky.

Anyone know why this is? Is it because people have just stopped playing? Or is it because I’m on the SU15 beta.

Anyways I was wondering if there’s any dedicated servers for Xbox players to join and see other aircraft? I always see PC players with a few others about but they have VATSIM and mods!

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I’m on Series X and have come across a “small” amount of players in the time I’ve been out in different areas. Trying high population touristy areas like NY, LA, London etc. may help. Take time of day and what server you’re currently on into account as well.

Yes I do believe we (those on Beta) are in our own little ecosystem, it’s happened before where I notice a large increase in players suddenly when a SU goes live. Everyone’s once again reunited I figured since we’re all now on the same build.

Really sad to hear you’re not seeing live traffic at least btw, not causing TOO much issue for me on the Series X but I do suffer a negligible performance hit and some glitchy stuff sometimes getting up close to some of the aircraft.

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Ah i struggle with even ai traffic turned on. The game has basically become unplayable on Series S now, I’ve uninstalled most mods i paid a lot for because everything just crashes, and I get black screens whenever I land somewhere or if I’m at an airport with more than 10 gates.

The ground textures are an absolute mess to.

I did wonder if it’s worth upgrading to series x or just saving for a PC?

What’s your setup like, mods, settings etc?

I know I’m asking for a lot but I’m desperate at this point. I remember once upon a time the game was relatively ok, and now it’s a complete and utter disaster for me

It does seem a little better on Series X from what I’ve gathered but would get a decent PC if I could. In saying that, people on PC do have plenty of their own issues (in similar tone to us) even on high end rigs. "The grass is always greener… " as the saying goes.

As for settings. I’ve dialled down ground aircraft, crew, vehicles to about half. I’ve lowered road traffic down a bit to but I’ve kept my ships and boats to the max as I have all of Seafront Sims boats and shipping packs, I NEED my boats lol.

I have every enhancement installed and haven’t uninstalled any which include a handful of night enhancements, airport graphics enhancements, runway lights, LFVR’s Arex ground vehicle mod, Bijans Seasons to name a few. I also have full online functionality turned on as well as everything set to real time and weather.

I get the bad textures as well with the LOD issue that seems to be a shared problem on all formats.

Not many people using the beta version on Xbox.

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The game supports full cross-play so it doesn’t matter which platform you are on. The reason why you don’t see many players I think is because Beta testers are on different servers. When SU15 is made public everyone will be in the same bubble again (provided that you choose the appropriate server region).

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Interesting! Is it worth me installing every single world update then? I have purchased some inhancements like runway lights, runway and aircraft lights. As well as jetways and ground vehicles.

Baring in mind im on Series S, would it make much of a difference? A crash happened for me the other day when I opened the VFR map, that seems to screw things up a bit

Only if you want to use up a ton of space on your SSD, all up with what I have, I’m using up 392GB on mine. Getting crazy now.

Bare in mind, installing WU’s aren’t going to improve your Performance or Stability, if that’s what you’re thinking will happen, could make things worse actually. Surely Asobo realise things are bad atm and that’s why they’ve postponed the next update. I’d say we might get another beta version or 2.

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