Are there "newish" Autopilot Keyboard Shortcuts added?

I’ve been away for some time and I’ve noticed that perhaps Asobo has introduced additional keyboard shortcuts to the system, or so I believe.

Here’s my query: I currently have a setup with a few Stream Decks (XL and Plus). Is it possible to manage all the autopilot controls of the Asobo A320 Neo solely using keyboard shortcuts? I’m not interested in displaying any SimConnect variables on the Stream Deck, as I already have a monitor for that purpose (LOL!). My aim is simply to control all the knobs (including push/pull functions) and all buttons of the autopilot in the Asobo A320 Neo.

Thanks in advance!

TMK, everything autopilot wise has a keyboard function besides push/pull. The only workaround for now is to bind a keybinding to FLC and airspeed decrease and increase.

Maybe this wish is what you are looking for ?:

Thank you for your response, gentlemen. I must admit, I did post a rather sharp reply in the other thread.

The simplicity of programming and using Stream Decks is remarkable. It’s a missed opportunity for Microsoft and Asobo not to leverage this technology. As far as I know, none of the flight simulators have integrated with Stream Deck yet, but someone should take the initiative. This could serve as a noteworthy feature to highlight through marketing efforts. Imagine: “All aircraft controls accessible through a combination of Stream Deck XL and Stream Deck Plus.” That would certainly turn heads.

Sometimes, it’s challenging to see the bigger picture amidst the details. This is one of the reasons why I took a break from flight sims for a while. Using a mouse to pilot a plane, especially given the advanced solutions available today, seems rather antiquated in my opinion.

Found this while searching google for what stream decks are. Idk if this is want you meant.

Edit: Still no button it seems for push/pull knob unless there’s an update for that isn’t in the screenshots

Thanks a bunch for sharing that link, Hero!

I’ve tried out their software, and it’s pretty impressive. Works like a charm for everything except the Asobo A320. Can you believe it? I reached out to them on their Discord, and they flat out said they can’t do anything about it.

Whenever a Stream Deck is displaying data on a button, it’s because they’re pulling it from SimConnect.

Setting up Stream Decks is a breeze. Whether it’s buttons or dials, if you have all the keystrokes listed, you can whip up 32 keybinds in less than twenty minutes, and even add some color to spice it up.

From what I’ve seen, the competing software for FS2020 doesn’t have all the controls mapped to keybinds either. If it were up to me, I’d insist on having that sorted out from day one. That’s just sloppy programming in my opinion. Thanks for letting me vent! Nothing to see here. Move along.