Are we getting updated AIRAC?

Up until now, you had to pay an annoying subscription to third parties in order to get your AIRAC cycles up to date.
From this article: I get that now, Microsoft will provide us with updated AIRAC every now and then.
However, I’ve seen reports of people stating that those are some stripped down AIRAC versions, missing some SIDs and STARs…

There are definately issues with the AIRAC data. I have seen missing SIDS and STARS and I have seen STARS mixed with SIDS.


Stephen Odgaard
Copenhagen DK

In the beginning of episode 8 of the Feature Discovery Series they say that they have partnered up with Navblue to provide them with navigation data that will be updated following the official AIRAC cycle. I guess they just haven’t completed that function yet.

i’ll replace with navigrath fms data once its in the sim, i’ve signed upto the beta program we will get proper transitions etc when navigrath are in

Autopilot is buggy, vnav doesn’t work and mcdu doesn’t go beyond the first page…so no point in using updated airac.

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