Are you based in Thailand?

Hello everyone,

There is a group/club of simmers in Thailand (foreigners - non-Thai speakers - are also welcome) that I’m also part of, that welcomes you to join us.

We are a group of amateurs, beginners and also a few professionals that enjoy flying together every single day at 9am, 1pm and 7:30pm (Thailand time) doing shoirt 250-700nm trips that take 1 to 2.5 hours.

We fly only jetliners (Boeing and Airbus, most of the people in the club fly the 737 and A320).

I also just joined myself (just a week ago, wiothout knowing anyone), being just a casual virtual pilot, (no Vatsim/Ivao, thats too complicated for me) and I really like the fact that this group made me feel welcome, despite being able to speak only a bit of basic Thai, many seem to speak English very well!

I’m glad I found a new home with MSFS 2020 Thailand Club , we are all on Discord over at Discord where we chat, but also stream our in-game screens with eachother in a room. I hope to get to know more Thai simmers out there who are currently flying solo or even offline right now.

Hope to see you soon! :heart:


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I dont see how vatsim is so complicated

This seems like a niche group,doesnt seem for me tho

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Welcome all msfs2020 pilots to join with us.
Please follow my page Redirecting...


hey , can we have a new link for the discord please?

Thai Virtual Pilots :pray:t3::+1: