Arecibo Observatory looks really beautiful

I know about this place when I was watching Contact the movie. So yesterday I plot a course and fly to the GPS coordinate and here it is:

Original Arecibo view from the sky:

I’m gonna explore more and keep finding this observatory places.

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You are not alone. I also visited it :smile: There are other interesting places to visit, but not all are modelled properly do to autogen usage. This is a list I made for the most known space related sites worldwide:

Arecibo observatory: 18.3442145,-66.7529332
Baikonur space center: 45.9645876,63.305227
Hat Creek Radio Observatory: 40.8171813,-121.469982
Imam Khomeini: 35.2379492,53.9502708
Interarmy Special Vehicles Test Centre: 30.7779028,-3.0556753
Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center: 40.9606215,100.2967504
Kapustin Yar: 48.643457,45.7718271
Kourou Space Center (SOOK): 5.1763474,-52.6928776
Kwajalein Missile Range (PKWA)
Luigi Broglio Space Center: -2.9957252,40.1943111
Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport: 37.9320408,-75.481506
Naro Space Center: 34.4416452,127.5334575
NASA Houston Space Center: 29.5593264,-95.0899786
NASA Kennedy Space Center (KTTS)
Odyssey sea launch platform (movable): near PLBA
Pacific Spaceport Complex: 57.4351867,-152.3398267
Palmachim: 31.8846066,34.6795478
Plesetsk: 62.9278724,40.5737597
Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1: -39.2614892,177.8643836
Satish Dhawan Space Centre: 13.7113311,80.225402
Sohae Satellite Launching Station: 39.6600608,124.7043987
Tanegashima Space Center: 30.3777686,130.9575695
Uchinoura Space Center: 31.2512771,131.0759228
Vandenberg airbase (KVBG)
Vostochny Cosmodrome: 51.883852,128.3331594
Wenchang Satellite Launch Site: 19.6185062,110.9553301
Woomera Test Range: -30.9731834,136.4752493
Woomera Launch Area: -31.0736638,136.4459253
Xichang Satellite Launch Center: 28.2453805,102.0261962
Yasny: 51.0942406,59.8420668



Nice! thanks for providing the GPS coordinates! I will check them out too :grinning: :+1:t2:

I used to love flying around here when I was in the Coast Guard. Pretty accurate representation, imhom


Not current though, since the telescope was damaged beyond repair back in 2020.

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At least it gets to live on in out of date scenery… :wink:

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Only the central suspended part fell. Structure is still there.

Not in one piece…

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