Arecibo Observatory

I’d love to see the Arecibo Observatory as a landmark, the generated scenery is a bit disappointing.

With, or without the broken cables?

I’d like to see it intact because it would be fun to try to fly under the cables.

Once its decommissioned, this will be all we have to remember it by. :cry:’s%20long%20and,the%20structure%20to%20near%20collapse.


I would also like to see the FAST radio telescope.

I too would love to see this. Especially after today. A lot of air traffic over it at the moment.

I would also like to see Arecibo modeled as it was in it’s glory. I wonder if anyone has done it and put in the heliport that is there aswell? It would make a cool location to fly to in the Hype Peformace Group H135.

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