Arizona Flight Sim


Anyone interested in getting a discord/group together for those of us based out of AZ?

Let me know!

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I was born and raised in Arizona. I lived in the Sunnyslope neighborhood of Phoenix. I would love to meet some fellow pilots to fly with in AZ. I currently do not live in AZ but my entire family is there. Send me a discord message if you would like to.


I am in the Phoenix area and would love to join the group. Feel free to send an invite. :slight_smile:

discord: Wekiwu#1011

Did anything come of this? Happy to join if so, from here in Phoenix.

I dont know if anything of it,.Dont look like it. I’m from AZ. I’d like to get a group together Mike

Hi Guys Robert aka Pizza ceo/EasternHops you guys are welcome to come visit us join our daily group hops and awesome weekly events, we have some guys from AZ also

Click here to join our Discord

Sure, I’m in the Greater Phoenix area and would be interested. Send me an invite. Thanks Mark