Around the World in Eighty Days

Some days ago, i read a post (i’m not even sure if in this forum) of someone who worked for hours developing a world tour he wanted to take using MFS2020.
He shared the coordinates in KML format without airport names, so i wrote a script to convert KML coordinates to near-bye airports in a format MFS can read.
I’m attaching the converted file so everyone can take his tour - it can be imported directly to MFS2020 flight planner (world map).
I’m sorry i can’t give proper credit to the original publisher of the work, and i hope he’d mention himself here & find my conversion usable.
I didn’t take the tour myself (yet) so i’m not sure if MFS implement all those airports.

Flight Plan.pln (30.5 KB)


Thanks for this, thats brilliant. I think i saw the same original post and was thinking about how to convert it myself. You’ve saved me a heap of time :-).

I’ll report back once ive taken a closer look and done some flights.

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