Around the World with Air Serbia 500

Hi all, just want to share with this community my around the world project which i am doing in past few weeks. My goal is to connect as many airports and cities as possible, make one whole round around our planet and at the end to come back safetly and healthy to the starting point, Perth International Airport on the west coast of Australia. I cannot say how long will take but i will try to make around 150+ flights and visit all impornat destinations.
In order to make this even more interesting i did create a website where you can follow all my flights and suggest next destinations. I will also stay active here on this topic, so please give me your feedbacks and suggestions.

My last flight was very difficult. Two times missed approach because of low clouds and fog. Small runway and no ILS, nightmare…

Last few moment before landing

My airport is somewhere here :slight_smile:

But bus is there so all fine :slight_smile:

Next flight to Auckland, New Zealand.

Last look on mainland Australia

Until next year :australia: , we will come back!

Chapter Two of our project will start soon. This chapter will start from Auckland :australia: and will finish in Papeete, French Polynesia :french_polynesia:

The Flight from Lord Howe Island Airport to the Auckland International Airport was 2h and 10 minute long. The distance between these two airports is 925 nm. The weather on this flight was overcast with calm winds during the most of the time, before landing we had some stormy clouds and rain followed with gusty winds up to 15 knots. During the flight we had some engine issues (A320 bug) which was solved in short time, more about this and screenshots of this flight you can find on our website.

Welcome to the New Zealand :new_zealand:, our home for next four flights!

#11 - Auckland NZAA - Wellington NZWN

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# #12 - Wellington NZWN - Dunedin NZDN

#13 - Dunedin NZDN - Nelson NZNS

#14 - Nelson NZNS - Tauranga NZTG

#15 - Tauranga NZTG - Norfolk Island YSNF

#16 - Norfolk Island YSNF - Noumea NWWW

#17 - Noumea NWWW - Port Vila NVVV

#18 - Port Vila NVVV - Nadi NFFN

#19 - Nadi NFFN - Fua’amotu NFTF

#20 - Fua’amotu NFTF - Rarotonga NCRG

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DA40NG (DANG) Adventures

Hi fellow world traveler.
Good to see another brave soul taking off from Australia. My own ‘around the world’ adventure started eight days ago in Melbourne. 25 flights so far.
I made it along the east-coast to the top-end and then to PNG. From there to West-Papua (Indonesia) Now I am on my way to the Philippines. However, unlike you, I take the low route. I wish you safe travel and plenty of good memories.
Keep posting your adventures.

Flying like in a Dream.

Hallo hallo, nice to have someone also doing world traveling next to me :slight_smile:
25 flight in 8 days kis amazing and well done.
Are you flying online (IVAO or Vatsim), and if yes, what is your call sign?
Please also share with me if you have any page (Facebook, twiter, youtube…) so i can follow your progress and screenshots.

All my you can find here:
Facebook page: Around the World with Air Serbia Livestream

Wish you all best , merry christmas and a lot of fun :wink:

#21 - Rarotonga NCRG - Bora Bora NTTB

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Merry Christmas to you also…and yes, I am having fun.
I am flying offline, taking the slow and low route. Basically I am going wherever the wind blows. No set time-schedule. Will take a year (or longer) to complete the journey.
No, I do not have a Web-Page. I only post on the msfs forums.
I like your pictures. They are nice to look at. Please keep posting for it keeps people’s spirit up in these (somewhat) uncertain times… . This reminds me of a song I once heard… ‘Above the clouds the world must be borderless’. The very thought of a world where one can travel freely is enticing to me.

‘The thoughts are free’. I remember these words, even if I do not know who wrote them. So let us be free.