Arrival gate

Whenever I land at an airport no matter what gate I set as my arrival gate, ATC will send me every time to the same gate no matter where I land on the airfield. Does anyone know a work around?


Unfortunately, ATC ignoring the arrival gate selected in the World Map has been around since SU6 and has neither been fixed nor logged as “bug-logged” after 2.5 years. ATC directing to the selected arrival gate worked perfectly before SU6. This bug that SU6 caused is only categorized as “feedback-logged”.

From October, 2021:

Is any work around any good, I have tried the ones suggested previously but when I arrive it’s always the exact same gate which at an addon airport is sad as I would like some variety :joy:

Someone marked my post as a solution but this issue is not solved. ATC at all airports still ignores my selected gate to this day and I have never found any workaround/

UPDATE: The Solution tag has been removed, thank-you to the forum moderator.

The whole ground control could do with a re-work. When I used to play FSX you can actually select your arrival gate! Was amazing with GSX :slight_smile:

The only workaround I have heard of is that after you land and are told to contact Ground, tune Ground but DON"T contact them. If you are using the taxi ribbon it should go to the arrival gate you selected on the World Map page when you set up your flight. I don’t know if this still works. I just taxi to the gate that I originally selected.

It doesn’t anymore. The problem is on Xbox there is no marshaller or stand guidance which makes it a pain so I end up going to the gate as it’s unfortunately smoother.

I tried that a while back and it did not work for me, so, like you, I taxi to my selected gate when I am ending my flight. Fortunately, I can get ground services, but I have no takeoff options for continuing a flight unless I taxi to that different ATC-assigned gate.

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