Articles popping up everywhere

i didnt know someone redid KXTA and Yosemite


A whole bunch of airports and scenery features have been re-done. I find the easiest place to find all of the changes is at:

Just sort by country and you can download a whole bunch of airports and features. Some of the larger files will slow your frame rate though. Be aware of that.

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I love the scenery map you can use to browse and someone has created the peoples palace just round the corner from my house. Can you land a TBM 930 on Glasgow Green ? OF COURSE :slight_smile: Just leave one of my blood bike stickers on it overnight and all will be well with the police.

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Someone made the Hogwarts Castle. There’s a lot out there across maybe six websites.

Had not heard about the map feature in until now. Love it.

Self Loading Cargo seems interesting if I ever get more serious into jet liners.

It may be nice when the CRJ-700 is released.

Thats why i like It is easier to track everything and you can find features quickly. Sort via country or look at the map, easy. Its no good for finding planes, but great for airports and scenery.
Allflightmods and Nexus mods is just too cluttered with no real order, making it nearly impossible to find something unless it is new or you know the name of it. is good for plane downloads, but too cluttered to find scenery and airports.

There are a few others, but those are the ones i have tried.

I have a feeling that Washington DC is going to get some extra love soon from MS/Asobo, and people that bought the WDC pack from that first link will be ticked!

i find that quite possible also, come this thursday

I really like the DC add on scenery…I’m happy.