Artificial horzizon INOP on multiple aircraft


I have a weird issue that has happened a few times now. In the PMDG DC6 and Justflight Arrow (could be happening in more but these are two that I have flown and given up with most recently).

The artificial horizon appears to be banked over to one extreme and indicate a nose down attitude. I do not understand for the life of me why this has happened in two separate aircraft. I have random failures disabled so that can be ruled out.

Any other suggestions?

Need to turn engine on?

this is engine running with all systems online

In that case…big oops!!!

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Nose down places the horizon at the top of the indicator. Banked indicates turning in that direction and the bank angle. Horizon at the top and banked is a descending turn. If the aircraft is on the ground and not moving, then there might be a power problem because when powered off, the attitude indicator deliberately shows an unusual attitude. Check the documentation for those two aircraft for troubleshooting.

This has happened on the ground and in the air. Also I spawned in airbourne to see if that would fix it and it didn’t. It doesn’t happen all the time, but the fact it has happened on more than one aircraft suggests to me something isn’t right in the sim.

Does pressing “D” to recalibrate the gyro help?

(In general it sounds like either the vacuum pump that runs the gyro is not working, or the gyro is miscalibrated. It can lose calibration during flight, but afaik the vacuum pump should work as long as the engine is running.)

For general background on how these systems work IRL see the Wikipedia article on attitude indicators: Attitude indicator - Wikipedia

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I know how they work… It shouldn’t fail as I doubt that is even simulated. It looks like more of a fault with the sim than user error.

Were all other instruments working as expected? Had you ever executed a manoeuvre immediately prior where the instrument would have shown that flight attitude?

The reason I ask is I have had a rare situation, perhaps twice only, where all the cockpit instruments have frozen. No matter what I did they did not update, then after 2-5 minutes they automatically unfreeze, and update.

Negative, first noticed after Takeoff in the Dc6 when I engaged the autopilot and it tried to correct what the artifical horizon was saying.

Noticed the other time whilst taxing. I kept the sim running and flew around but it never self rectified.

What about other aircraft other than the DC-6 or Arrow?

So you are confirming that you pressed “D” and it didn’t help? Or did you not try that?