As 33 ME, a freeware electric glider, perfect for VR flying in MSFS

In case anyone here is unaware of this fantastic competition sailplane, here’s a link to an article about it.

AS 33 Me: the first electric sailplane for MSFS

I have been flying this glider now for about three weeks and absolutely love it, especially in VR (I flew gliders in real life). Although FS does not currently have usable thermals, it is possible to create them using 3rd party software. However it’s easier atm to simply dial in some wind and use ridge soaring to get lift. I have managed to maintain altitude with as little as 4kts of breeze off a decent hillside. Not surprising, as the AS 33 has a glide ratio approaching 60 to 1.

Being electric though, you don’t need a tow plane or winch to get airborne or climb back up if you misjudge a traverse to another area of lift.

Check it out at, it’s free and was programmed by glider pilots who know their stuff.

Me, flying near Pilatus in Switzerland.


The YouTube channel of one of the developers, Ian Lewis, is a good place to start if you are new to gliders and the AS 33 ME.

Madolo+B21 AS33 glider Microsoft Flight Simulator complete competition cross-country task

Wait if its electric then it has a propulsion system NO? If so its not really a glider is it?

It’s a motor glider. The engine is only used to climb when there is no thermals. See it as a back-up system.

Okay never seen such an animal before so I was curious. Back in the day (ha) you used a tow plane to get you up, and once you released the strap you were on you own, with just nature to provide for you.

This still uses either a tow or a winch to launch. You can’t use the motor to take-off. It isn’t really powerful enough.

Yeah I get it, its like an aimbot for a glider Bwhahahahah ;-0

Not true, it can easily take off with the motor pod extended, as it does in the real life version, which had its maiden flight earlier this year.

You can see the (very bad) take off at 6:00 mins in the video I linked to above.