As attested by MANY bug reports the Landing Challenges are a total mess

This one is not in the template form because it’s an amalgamation of a variety of other reported bugs.

  1. The Landing challenge “Ground Roll” category shows an icon that indicates it is actually a “deviation from center line” score. This is confusing and wrong. Fix it. Reported here:

  2. The landing challenge “Precision” is also not what it says it is.

  3. Landing smoothness is reported as a value in FPM, at point of landing but appears not to be simply this. It is also reduced if there are multiple touches, etc.

  4. Often scores are calculated and not uploaded to leaderboards, and stay stuck at some value like 0. You can complete a challenge and get a score, say 120,720 and then on the leaderboards it says your gamertag and the score remains zero. Other people report the scores stuck at 0 also.

These issues have been unfixed since December 2020.
As attested by this discussion point.

Yeah,there is something weired. Dont know what is the standard judgment of it. I did well before the su5,6,but very poor scores now. Most of my challenge is A or A+,but now no way to even reach to the pass scores and all B or C,even i feel better than before.

Many of these bugs are attested to as early as Dec 2020, so not all of them are new in the latest update.

Thanks for raising this.

I was wondering if Ground Roll is the sum of all lateral movements. So if you land on the centrelline and deviate 20ft right and then 10ft left, your total Ground Roll will be 30ft, not 20ft?

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why we need a issue report which summary already existing reports ?

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