Ascension Island / Wideawake Airfield (FHAW) missing

RAF Ascension Island (IATA: ASI , ICAO: FHAW ), also known as Wideawake Airfield or Ascension Island Auxiliary Field , is a military airfield and facility located on Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean. The airfield is jointly operated by the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and the United States Space Force (USSF). The runway runs on 13 31 direction

I’ve done one here FHAW - RAF Ascension Island/ Wideawake Airfield » Microsoft Flight Simulator

However it’s getting gradually worse as asobo degrades already awful terrain with each update, and atc will only send you to one end of the runway, the wrong one.

Having issues have download removed re dl no joy wont appear on the map, st helena is there works a treat as do other freebies , any assistance would be welcome? It worked on my previous build unfortunately had to flatten comp with latest update !:disappointed_relieved:

Someone had the same issue with St Helena and ascension a few weeks back.

I recompiled st Helena and that got Ascension showing up too for some reason so try redownloading St Helena from

If that doesn’t work let me know and I’ll return to Ascension.

Many thanks will give that a go 2moz when home cheers Ivor.

Re download fhsh also fhaw from
No joy st helena there have added and removed fhaw from community folder currently no luck i am afraid!open to suggestion!

Ok. I’ll have a fiddle in the next day or so. With some airports that don’t exist in the same I had to change the ICAO to get them to show up.

I’ll let you know here when it’s up.

Ok. It’s been done as a new project with the same info which cured a few others. It’s ready to redownload from

Not sure if all the files have the same name so delete the old one completely. If this don’t work then I’m not too sure what else to do.

Were in top chap , I removed both fhaw and fhsh from community and comp re download, put fhaw in 1st then fhsh , many thanks for the help and effort :grin: