Ask Asobo to go back to previous weather system

The weather system has been pretty spot on for me. It’s the new “mist” that needs to be tweaked.

Yeah the haze looks overdone, especially in some areas, I think it’s particularly bad in the US. But that should be an easy fix.

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New fog is amazing but looks ridiculous as clouds are mostly @ ground level now

I can confirm that… along with all the other issues like cloud formation/layers of clouds, weather popping in and out at times, no more distinct weather fronts in the sky but mostly semi cumulus from start to end in many places…

Looks like the Metar clouds are being injected at MSL, and not AGL ??
With Reno being at some 5000ft elevation, your Reno example clearly would indicate this.

Please no.
I know there are some problems with weather popping in, cloud bases being wrong and visibility being lower than it should be sometimes, but the combination of METAR and Meteoblue weather system is the best approach there can be.

Weather as close to reality as possible thanks to METAR, and Meteoblue takes over the rest (weather outside of airports and upper level clouds that are missed when METAR doesn’t report them, typically above 5000 ft).

I don’t want to go back because fogs and very bad weather was nonexistent at certain airports.


Yup, so it seems. :slight_smile:

Even though it might sound strange to some: I very much like the new weather system! I had hazy conditions on some of my last flghts, and that looked very realistic.

At this point in time, there is no other sim that I know of that does large weather systems and fronts better than MSFS.


I vote for tweaking the new system and continuing to move forward instead of back.

Anomalies aside, I have notice that flight planning is actual possible using real world data.


With very local static METARs implemented and stretched out to be global observations it will never be the same as before again. Thats my opinion.

As a RL pilot, flying mainly in the USA Eastern Coastal area, the new weather effects are FANTASTICLY realistic, but it is fast becoming apparent that clouds MAY are being injected at the incorrect altitude.

A few test should confirm that very easily.

Unlike some of the apparent True / Magnetic issues, that are a little less obvious and hence more difficult to prove.

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Including METAR in the weather system is a way to move back already. Improving meteoblue weather and fix ATIS to report the correct data from that weather is move forward.

That is true. Sometimes the transition is far too stark, from the enroute weather system to local METAR.

Having flown into a number of small airfields recently which don’t have METAR readouts, it seems that this is the only way to experience pre-SU7 weather from wheels up to wheels down.

It makes it all the more silly that we weren’t given a toggle for this feature.

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Point taken. I guess I have to agree with you. Maybe have a METAR on/off toggle for the VATSIM crew?

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Or they could use the sims ATIS to note the conditions at that airport if it manage to give right information. That i think is the big problem to fix.

If this is true, it should be relatively easy to (hot?)fix, which is yet another reason that I would vote against the proposal to revert to the previous system.

Few things in MSFS have been criticized more than the somewhat imprecise and too slowly updating Real Weather system. But now that system is suddenly considered adequate?

With SU7 Asobo/MS have taken the first step in a long journey towards a much better system where METARS are injected in the model itself, and where updates are coming much more frequently. The latter is essential because it means that the inevitable forecasts will be more recent and therefore more precise. We all know that the weather forecast for the next couple of hours is more reliable that the one for tomorrow.

So far I have seen nothing but a much closer representation of reality. A few glitches does not mean that the core of the system is broken.

I prefer going back. Those METAR circles is not blending what i can see.

I guess I don’t follow. Are you saying the ATIS should reflect the vatsim real world METARS or the actually sim conditions. If it the former the weather conditions would not match, if it is the latter then it would be different from the VATSIM controller.

It might appear so, until one looks at what is involved, not only in making the change, (which might only be in One line of code), but then, it has to be tested, and made sure it does not affect anything else, the change documented, and the testing documented, and then a new build generated and released.


Someone just changes the code, hopes for the best, and we see the results in the next update.

Got to wonder which one it will be ?