Asobo 737 MAX 8

The slide said it was Asobo’s most complex aircraft ever.

I’m really curious just how much fidelity it will end up having.

I’m also curious about it, because I understood PMDG was developing a MAX, too.


Yes, my first thought was, who’s making it? Could it be PMDG?

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Well, it said “Asobo’s most complex aircraft”, so it is an Asobo internal development.


I’m not a huge airline guy. But this is HUGE for a base sim airliner. Pretty sweet to see, I’ll definitely be poking my head into the flight deck… :airplane:


Neither am I, but I will always dabble in anything and everything aviation.

I do love messing about with all the systems of an airliner, however.

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Well, it has to be licensed from Boeing to be part of the base game. PMDG has publicly acknowledged their own MAX project for like 18 months or so now, which means they have - or had - a license as well. I would have thought - given what I do for a living - that such licenses would have exclusivity provisions. So either I’m wrong, or else: PMDG sold their license to Asobo; Asobo went to Boeing and threw enough $$ at them to get them to buy back the license to PMDG; Asobo is doing the Max8 but PMDG will do a -7 and -9 or something (but that would be atypical for how PMDG approach things); or “Asobo’s most complex aircraft” is being done under contract by PMDG.

I don’t know if we - the simming public - will ever know for sure what the full story is here.


I had some parallel thoughts as yours.

I thought perhaps a partnership, but there was absolutely no mention of PMDG in that MAX introduction, so if they did partner it must be in a silent way.

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Given how PMDG has gone silent on their own MAX and how Mathijs has politely deflected any questions about its status, I really wonder if there’s a backstory here and if so, will we ever know it?

Or perhaps I’m just reading too much into things. Maybe the agreements with Boeing aren’t exclusive and maybe PMDG really is just 100% laser-focused on 777 stuff right now and we’ll here more about the MAX in a few months.


They do that quite well.

There would be long bouts of silence during the 777 development, too.

I think you and I were sick of the nauseating analysis of this very fact in the 777 Status thread! :joy:

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My gut tells me they are separate, for the 777 PMDG said they customized everything they could, rather than using what’s available in MSFS, so that they could control how it works, and have it be independent. This is from the PMDG 777 intro pages:

Limitations of the Simulator
While developing this highly sophisticated simulation, it became apparent that many default functions are ineffective when producing a realistic simulation of a complex airliner. As such, we have developed a simulation that, to the largest degree possible, does not use any default functionality. Systems that have been completely customized for realism and functionality include:

  • Autopilot Functions
  • Engine Performance Model
  • All Mechanical Subsystems

Limiting our dependence upon the simulator has allowed us to use it as a worldwide operating environment without being severely limited by its original design.

Besides, there are A320s by multiple developers, I don’t see why there wouldn’t be multiple Boeing developers. Boeing needs the money.


On the plus side, they can pass off any accidental gaps in the mesh as “authentic Boeing quality control” and be absolutely correct.


I’ll be interested in seeing if FS2024 has any new failure modes.

(Yes, I know the MAX8 doesn’t have door plugs. It’s just lighthearted humor from a Boeing stockholder. :slight_smile: )


Well it is about system simulation. If it is the most complex this far it should do that very well ( since the asobo a320 ended up nicely also … with WT on board from the start of development for example )

I mean it is nice pmdg adds a lot of ( great ) gimmicks … but i do not care about i pencil that can be pressed … or a door that can open for emergency equipment for example.

Most of those gimmicks will be used once … and thats it. Lots of time and recourses wasted on developing those gimmicks.

Sure … pencil pressers can buy the PMDG … but i hope ( hope ) the simulation of the MAX will be good in MSFS 2024.

But did PMDG not said they will Release the MAX out of nowhere in between the Triple 7

max will be huge. even if it will not be as complex as the community wanted, it will be modded.

lol If they need this money they would not exist anymore by tomorrow.

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Would be interesting because what else would they be doing besides the 777

The 747 is already in development.

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now im courious if it will be on level with pmdg. the graphics didnt look too stunning to me but if it wil handel like the pmdg i would be just fine with it

Any eta on that? Just blows my mind how 4 years into msfs we still don’t have, today,in hand many key airplanes or helos