Asobo Aircraft

Owning the Deluxe version of MSFS, I find that there are certain aircraft which I will probably never fly again (especially now I have the Kodiak and Milviz C310, and maybe the B737 eventually).
So my question is: A safe and secure way to delete unwanted Asobo aircraft ?

From the main menu, select Profile → Content Manager.
Here you can select any aircraft you don’t need and delete them. I’m not sure there is any benefit to load times or performance but it does make the hanger a bit easier to select your favorite aircraft from. You can of course easily re-install them again if you change your mind later.

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I will actually delete everything I can that does not get used in the sim.

I have deleted all planes except for the FBW A320neo and the default A320. All landing challenges and bush pilot adventures and most of the airports and world updates outside of the US as that’s where I mostly fly. I just make sure to reinstall the sceneries and photogrammetry I want for the region I’m flying and I save a bunch of room on my hard drives.

Many of us whish the Favorite buton… until now it don’t come :roll_eyes:

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Doesn’t deleting them also remove them from being used as ai aircraft in the world?


Yes it does. You will only see the aircraft you have in your content manager. It will result in almost empty airports.

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The Sim will produce generic aircraft, if the player does not own it.

lol, so glad you said that, Thats also true in Dcs world, might as well just hide the ones you wish not to see and suffer the drive. In dcs it get so large, but they allow you to install mods on other drives and use symbolic link, it saved my butt!

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