Asobo L-39C Blue Ice - pink labels

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Asobo L-39C Blue Ice paint
After sim update 8 trying the cockpit in the hangar to select the livery and this is how it looks!

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Sim Update 8 (

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Did you check this out of the Hangar in the sim?

Yes, it seems to be some kind of bug with this paint and some other. Many thanks

I do net see any problems of this kind on my system and installation. Steam user. But I’ve never faced this kind of problems with textures, however, a lot of people faced. Did you try usual things like reinstall of models and cleaning the Community filder?

I deleted all the content in the community folder but not a module reinstall, I´m going to try this.
Thanks again

Just downloaded this plane today…same issue with the pink cockpit plackards…any idea when this will be fixed?

I DL this today (2nd April 2023) on Marketplace and have this problem on my XboxX. Can’t believe it’s still not been fixed! Only seems to effect the Australian scheme L-39, just wish I’d picked another version now. I’ve deleted, reDL and rebooted several times, but to no avail.


My dad purchased this aircraft on his Xbox Series X yesterday and also has the pink label issue. I thought it looked strange when I saw it. Now I see it’s a visual bug.

Meanwhile, I’m dealing with other visual bugs on the Reno L-39 Red Thunder I also just bought, and the Reno P-51 Bunny I’ve had for nearly a year has had multiple visual issues, some still ongoing. It’s a shame the Reno planes have so many visual issues. Microsoft/Asobo should want better out of the products they sell, especially if they want to sell more in the future.

I can completely understand there being some mistakes and imperfections that come during release,. I’m sympathetic to that, but I do have an issue when these bugs go unfixed for nearly a year and a half.

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So this has been going on for over a year? If it wasn’t priced so low, I’d probably ask for a refund right now. But at the discounted price I paid, it cost me less than a combo meal at the clown house. I’ll keep it for AI/Static.

Request #193147 filed with Zendesk.

Did you ever get a response?

Also I’m worried that this bug is reported in the wrong section, should it be in the Aircraft & Systems sub thread rather than the Miscellaneous for more visibility?

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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I’ve been dealing with this issue around the time it was released in the Reno pack.
I don’t fly this plane that often, so I hadn’t made a big deal about it, but today I wanted to fly it again, and I’m surprised it’s still here.
Since the time I’ve discovered it I must have reinstalled it at least 5 times, and reinstalled the whole sim about 3 times while troubleshooting other issues.

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This looks to be fixed in the Sim Update 13 Beta - can others confirm?

@Jummivana I’m not in the beta, but if it’s actually fixed, I’ll be eagerly looking forward to the public release! By the way, is there any chance that you can check this with the rest of the Reno files disabled? This plane is the only thing related to Reno that I have installed.

Closed as fixed in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now