Asobo / Microsoft helicopter physics, flight dynamics / Request to add a difficulty setting slider

First of all, I would like to thank the development team.
In my opinion, the introduction of helicopters into the simulator was quite well done. The helicopter physics, flight model was well done.

For beginner simulator helicopter pilots, and for us advanced simulator helicopter pilots, it is important that the development team adds additional configuration options to the helicopters. The current setting options are not sufficient.


  • Pedal
  • Cyclic

to place adjustment sliders. Enter the setting value between -50 and +50. Helicopter pilots can thus adjust the flight characteristics themselves according to their development.

Thank you for your work and patience

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You may want to enter this as a “Wishlist” request!

Thanks. Can you turn it into a wishlist?

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Certainly, don’t forget to add your vote!

You have my vote. Great idea. This will help people not get frustrated when starting out with helicopters.

In real life, it takes student pilots about 5-10 hours on average to master the Hover, which is essential in landing a helicopter.

It is important for novice helicopter pilots to be able to gradually control the difficulty. Success is important for beginners. Current helicopter physics, dynamics are great what Asobo did. It still has work to do, but it’s good for now.

However, it is very difficult for beginner helicopter pilots.

In my opinion, the appearance of helicopters is very successful.

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Agree. So Asobo’s strength is also their weakness. Then again there is a school that will say to keep it difficult and if you practice enough (tens of hours) you will eventually get it right.

I remember when I started with helicopters in FSX’s B206, I crashed 7 times an hour. Later I crashed once every 7 hours.

People learn in different ways and this proposal is just another way for people to explore helicopters and not get discouraged.

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Difficulty slider is a great idea, it can be set on full difficulty for those that don’t want graded help.