Asobo / MSFS support getting bad now?

Hey Gang!

Last week I noticed that the terminal buildings at PHOG (Kahului in Maui) were gone after the patch. They were there pre-patch. I proceeded to open a ticket through Zendesk to report the issue as an airport/scenery issue. I just received a message from support saying that my ticket was downgraded to a “Wishlist”/Feature Request category. WTF?? This is something they broke - not a wishlist item.

Has anyone run intyo this before?



Hey Mullert, never had this particular case but they must be overwhelmed with dozens of daily tickets. Not an excuse but they are humans too.

Create another ticket explaining what happened , they should be able to bring the PHOG buildings back as easy as they made them disappear. At least you know they once existed lol


FYI. They were not there in the Beta version as I reported PHOG missing months ago. Every patch is a hit or miss or something appearing or dissappearing. Sorry, the way of this sim.

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Set expectations really low at this point and when something works right for you post patching however you use the sim then call it a bonus!

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