ASOBO’s default airport LOWI has a severe bump on the runway since November

ASOBO’s default airport LOWI has a severe bump on the runway, making take off landings impossible. This bug is exiting for some users since November. There are posts on ORBX forums regarding this issue. The only work around is to delete the default airport. I am using ORBX LOWI instead. Anybody else experiencing this? Let’s report this together to ASOBO. ORBX is aware of it. ASOBO pls fix!

Yes I had it also today. Takeoff from runway 8 with the 320 FBW. First a smaller bump and then a very big bump which launched me before Vr… very annoying. FYI: I also had the Orbx version


If you have the excellent orbx LOWI then delete the default version


yes, I have the orbx LOWI and this is the only solution at this moment.

@TastingDevotee7 just taxi’d the length of the runway, from 8 to 26, and saw no bump.

Thanks, this helped. But still it might need attention of Asobo. Normally I would assumed that third party scenery will prevail over “standard” scenery, although Innsbruck is not completely standard of course.


Yes, some users do not have this issue, some, like myself have. ASOBO needs to address this, but they have obviously their hands full.

We need to draw ASOBO’s attention to LOWI issue

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LOWI has a runway major bump that literally catapults the plane in the air, is this just me? I have the orbx scenery?


Hi, I had the same problem.

I landed there a few times, the last time yesterday with the 787 and didn’t find any bump. I have the default LOWI though, not the ORBX.

It is a known problem conflicting with the Asobo LOWI scenery.
Just delete from content manager the Asobo LOWI and restart. It will be ok!

If the problem persists, delete the rolling cache.


thanks that fixed it, the updates must of reinstalled the default scenery!