Asobo TNCM conflicts with Airworthy Designs TNCM on XBOX X

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Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

No……I’m on XBOX X.

Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons?


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The Asobo TNCM airport scenery has messed up my Airworthy Design TNCM airport scenery. There are duplicate runway numbers and runway stripes etc.

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Options > Display position)


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Have both Asobo and Airworthy Design TNCM scenery installed.

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Xbox X

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

I don’t know the number.

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You can deinstall the Asobo version of TNCM

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How can I delete the Asobo version of the scenery if I can’t access it because I’m on XBOX X?

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Profile>Content Manager>look for the airport you want, select uninstall.

This morning I opened up the Content Manager. In the Search bar I typed TNCM and the only thing that appears is Airworthy Designs TNCM. I can’t locate or access any Asobo scenery. That’s the limitation of being on XBOX. I appreciate your response but my hands are tied. If I was on PC I could uninstall the Asobo scenery no problem.

Unfortunately, you can’t uninstall 40th anniversary content:


In this case, Asobo should refund all owner of TNCM by Airworthy Design and withdraw the product from marketplace!


Absolutely agree on this one . Purchased this and can’t use it . Another 20 dollars down the tube this is unacceptable.


Wouldn’t it be up to Airworthy Design to make sure their add-on is updated, compatible and coded to fully overwrite/replace the default airport in question?
Hundreds of of add-on airports work just fine…

They can overwrite a default airport, which you have to do with the SDK when you create a new airport. But this is a separate package that you can see and uninstall in Content Manager on PC, but it’s inaccessible on Xbox.

I don’t think Xbox has the package reorder tool, either, so I don’t think they could fix it that way, either.

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This absolutely needs to be addressed. I’ve got a couple of airports that have this issue and someone DM’d me about another one they have the issue with.

We are talking about real money here that is being spent on content we can’t quite make use of.

It isn’t exclusive to 40th Anniversary Edition content, either, as any/all handcrafted airports in the sim cannot be uninstalled on Xbox.


Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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The whole airport is duplicated, vehicles buildings etc. Even worse, with SU12 I’m getting reproducible CTD at TNCM in various aircraft. Uninstalling TNCM is not a solution because it’s packaged with TFFG which I don’t want to lose.

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Has this issue been resolved as I’m interested in buying this scenery before the sale ends?

It has not been resolved.

Not resolved and can’t get a refund , this should be removed from the marketplace until it is sorted out where we can remove the current game airport

Refund for XBox users whom did buy, or stop selling it on XBox might be an option, but withdraw the product from MarketPlace is a joke, PC users do not have any problem for switching between two products. They also paid for it, legally owned it and may use it anytime they wish.

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Thank you, removed from my wishlist.

I’m at the point right now where I hesitate to purchase any scenery Addons for MSFS because I’m afraid Asobo will create their own version of the same scenery and I won’t be able to use the purchased scenery because the two will conflict with each other. Being on Xbox I am unable to uninstall Asobo scenery.
I don’t understand why Microsoft and Asobo won’t allow Xbox users to remove Asobo scenery if it conflicts with 3rd party scenery.


Yeah, this situation and the fact that they haven’t addressed this at all is unacceptable. Just horrible business practice back to front. Sorry, there’s no excuses here and it’s going to help drive people away from console if they’re not careful.


Several emails to Airworthy Design, no response. Almost June 2023 and no feedback, do not buy this addon, breaks the whole airport till fixed. Lines overlapped, airplanes, cars on top of each other, complete mess.