Asobo what do you make with the PC-Simmers?

Asobo and PC-Simmer have now worked for a whole year and pointed out errors. And the result was better in most of the updates afterwards, at least we were always a bit more satisfied afterwards than before an update. As I said a year and before the Alpha Test time was needed to achieve this result … And then came the X Box Release and SU5 and Hotfix 1 and Hotfix 2. Since then I have been wondering if we are PC Simmer At the moment something doesn’t matter because it gets worse instead of better. Sure you can say that the FPS were increased with the SU5, but please have a look at the whole sim, I feel like I’m back in the Alpha Test time and nobody seems to really care. Everything is written and spoken nicely. What takes place here is comercial at its finest. The PC Simmers have all already bought and paid for, we don’t care about them. We are now adapting the Sim to the X Box, no matter what happens to the PC simmers, and for now we will continue to earn money with the X Box sale. Then let’s see what happens and how we can still make money. Maybe sell both groups a helicopter package for a simulation that was previously unplayable. Help me tobunderstand your doing to us!


Agreed. However anybody wants to spin it, we were bait and switched with this one. Not to mention the $$ spent on add-ons that will go unused. I have no desire to even fly msfs anymore. Not sure if it is as bad in 2d but anything less than a G2 and VR is awful. Even with the G2 it is nothing like it was. And then of course to your point that the base game is now being designed for xbox controllers and the instant action crowd. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten involved with microsoft. Lesson learned.

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Please participate here. Thanks.