ASOBO - You're doing an excellent job!

I’ve spent most of today reading through the forums here - my first time on these forums.
A bit of background - I’m a real world pilot, ex-military instructor and now (well, occasionally!) flying business jets. I’m also a long time PC flight sim nerd - FS5 through to FSX, P3D, X-Plane, DCS etc.
I have followed the progress of FS2020 from it’s earliest inception and have watched all the official Youtube videos released by MS (ASOBO) from day one. It is clear to me that the team from ASOBO is dedicated and passionate about their product - it is clear to me that they want to achieve the absolute best result they can. Their enthusiasm and pride in the product is evident.
What has also become clear to me, is that the “flight sim community” have an unrealistic and, I believe, unfair expectation of what to expect from a launch product. Many are down right rude. This is not altogether surprising, particularly if one is used to following the threads on P3D or DCS forums - unfortunately this hobby attracts some A-grade knobs. This poor attitude comes from those that scream “release it now!” and then follow up with “you guys released it too soon!” Some people will never be happy.
Ultimately it’s a work in progress, you’ll get your money’s worth eventually - and you won’t have to pay for the upgrades. How about you chill the hell out, realise you’re not flying the real thing and be grateful for the efforts of a limited few who have poured their hearts and souls into creating this.
I would hesitate to suggest that ASOBO were NOT the ones who decided on the release date and I want to recognise their talent and passion.
Keep it real, homies.