Assign ignition to an button om my HOTAS

Hi All,

I’m currently flying the Diamond DA40NG a lot and because I’m flying in VR I like to assign the instruments to buttons and switches on my Virpil devices. I just can’t figure out this one, hope you can help.

To start the engine you have some sort of ignition key that you have to turn. The label is Battery Master. If I assign Battery master to one of my switches it switches the other battery master switch on the left side of the stick, not the ignition. I have tried multiple battery masters but none will work.

Can anybody tell me which assignment is the right one? I hope this makes sense.

Thanks and happy simming!!!

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Try something along the line of Engine Start or Fuel Flow Valve or something similar?

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I tried those. But none of them work. I really don’t get it. It’s not a major thing, but just strange :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I don’t know that it’s a simple keymap. I have a VKB setup with several rotary switches. The good folks at Mobiflight (external app that maps control scripts to my hardware) wrote up a quick script to let me turn the ignition key on the DA-40NG to start the ignition, and then automatically fall back to the Both position.

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Thx, I’ll check that out :wink: