Assigning buttons on controllers

The ability to press a button on controllers to assign a command.


That would be great. I hate having to scroll through the list to try and find the button, I don’t even know which buttons are called what on my yoke. Took me hours to work it out.

Would be good to be able to assign by pressing the button, and if the on screen diagram highlighted which button you were pressing. Further to that, if you assign a new button, it should not only warn you about the other assignment, but tell you exactly what it is so you can change that too


You can search by input. Just click in that field and click the button on the controller that you want to map.

That is how I assigned my buttons so I’m not sure what you’re really asking for.

  1. Select the controller I want to setup
  2. Find command I want to assign a button to
  3. Double click on the field that I am assigning
  4. Click on the search icon
  5. Press my joystick/throttle button
  6. Assign other buttons from step 2.
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For those saying click on search icon and then just click the appropriate joystick/throttle button…this does not work with axis assignment. you have to manually pick the axis from the drop down list and moving the axis doesn’t automatically select it

For those I searched for each one, Throttle, Elevator, etc, and when I selected them I could assign the axis by just moving the joystick controller. So I used the normal search instead of searching by input. (I haven’t tried using axis in the search by input, so I can’t say if they work or not).

Yes it dose, that’s how I assigned everything.

My experience- ONLY after you select an axis from the drop down options in a control assignment and confirm it as the assignment do you see any visual feedback the axis is active when you move it.

I have not been able to get the axis control assignment to auto populate just by moving the axis on my controller. Am I missing something?

It would be better if file name and location of the file containig controllers definitiones could be known. So, if someone has succeeded doing it, he/she could share it with the community.

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there are some really unintuitive UI quirks in the controller setup UI

  1. Control assignment view defaults to “assigned” vs. “all” when a controller is selected. This can really throw you off if you are searching for a control assignment

  2. When selecting a control assignment and to have a control key or axis be auto detected when you press or move , you have to hit the search button vs. just being in the select field

  3. Images of supported controllers show labels and locations for buttons on your controller but not the axes

Those 3 points are all major annoyances. No1 in particular. I would like to add:-

2a. I would like to see the menu scroll to the highlighted control you have selected. (Assuming point 1 was sorted out, so a choice of ALL sticks).
3a. Some buttons are missing completely (at least from the TM Warthog HOTAS.

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