Assistance Options "Ornithopter Power" and "Ornithopter Wings" have no names

“Ornithopter” is the aircraft releasing alongside the Dune expansion next year.

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When going into the Assistance Options menu under “Piloting” you’ll notice that two of the assistance options have no names. Specifically, Ornithopter Power and Ornithopter Wings. One thing to point out is, this is for the Dune aircraft presumably, so maybe this shouldn’t be in this build. :slight_smile:

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And when searching for it in the FS Base en-us file it does not exist. It could very well be in another FS base file however,

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Open the sim > Go to options > Open Assistance Options > Open the Piloting Dropdown > Scroll down and notice error.

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Ornithopter, the “bug” aircraft from Dune.


Anyone notice the new “orni” options in the Assitance menu? Too bad Dune 2 isn’t out yet. :wink:

After the latest SU14 beta update, I found these two new options under Piloting Assistance. I’ve seen nothing under the release notes regarding them.
They have no explanation either…
Not sure if I missed an announcement. Anyone else see them in the sim?


They are for the Dune mission/ornithopter I think


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Thanks for the help mate.

No worries heres a movie clip from it there was another feature coming but think that was delayed something regarding dune the movie coming next year

I added to the original report what Ornithopter means :smile:


Oh wow…that looks like a new era Star Wars type of deal.
Can’t wait for a swarm of these landing at Lukla


I don’t see those 2 entries in the last version:

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Maybe it has been fixed :smiley: will have to look!

Yep, I think they fixed it prior next week release.

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I can confirm this is fixed! :slight_smile: