Asus G15 laptop. Bought $35 laptop cooler. Temps dropped and I got extra performance

My laptop specs are:

Ryzen 7 4800HS
GeForce 1660ti (can drive an external monitor at 4k)
16gb RAM

Also, I’ve limited my FPS to 30 in the Nvidia control panel and have found that 2k native is the sweet spot for the right balance of visual and performance

Prior to getting the laptop cooler, my best settings (based on a ton of trial and error) was…
Native 2k from the desktop
Full window 2k in the sim (2560 x 1440 or whatever it is)
Reduced to 85%
All setting on Medium
Clouds on High

Ave temps: low 70’s to low 80’s

With these settings I got those temps with GPU% ranging from high 80’s to low 90’s. I bought the laptop cooler with the idea that if I could get my temps down that I could push my GPU a little harder so it’s always in the 90’s or as close to 100% as is practical. Doing that prior to getting the laptop cooler, my temps would easily to go mid to high 80’s. Probably not good.

After getting the laptop cooler, check this out!

Temps: Never above 62 or so! Now, this is with the bottom cover still removed so that’s not a permanent thing but a whole 20 degrees (F) drop! I was stunned.

And I was correct about being able to push the GPU a little more. Now I’m getting…

Still all Medium settings but…
Full 2k (no reduction to 85%)
LOD sliders to 100
Clouds on High

So in the end, I dropped my GPU temps which gave me a boost in visual clarity (85% of 2k to full 2k and sliders out to 100 from 50 )

My cooler is called Enhance. Has 5 cooling fans

PS - The laptop cooler fans running full is quieter than my laptop fans running full (which they don’t anymore since the GPU is kept so cool). Weird bonus… it’s quieter overall

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